August 29, 2011

THE “HAS-BEEN” INFESTATION IN PIRATE RADIO! Commander Bunny Don’t transmit, Commander Bunny Don’t produce shows, 'Commander Bunny' just makes trouble and tells big-big-bigger-BIGGEST LIES! (And, he's a freakin' MORON, Too!)

Pirate Radio News & Commentary,
"a la Commander Bunny"
by John Poet

(This post written in the style of the has-been shortwave radio pirate and part-time internet stalker known as 'Commander Bunny' who does not broadcast anymore-- but without all the dirty words  'Commander Bunny' a sixth-grader would use...)

"Oh my god! (insert deity of your choice, non-lepus variety)!

 "The has-been radio pirate known as 'Commander Bunny'
aka WBNY Radio Snitch-Puppet, is ruining, what used to be
a "fun  practice" of Pirate Radio.

"Time for this Non-Influential, Non-Broadcasting,
Over-Rated Has-Been  to either shape-up or
'Have a Big Cup of STFU!'   

  "We are recommending a
“Truth About the Pirate Radio War Video” for the
short attention span, short-minded 'Commander Bunny' and his other non-broadcasting, FRN sock-puppet know-it-alls!


"When all you can do is collect people's personal information and mailing addresses, libel listeners, snitch out REAL stations with REAL transmitters to the F.C.C., and you
you really have no place in shortwave Pirate Radio! 

(but maybe you belong in the Virginia State Hospital...)

"There is noplace

for the hate and lies you keep passing along disguised as the bile-filled rantings of a no-longer-influential, mentally deluded, over-rated has-been and severely disturbed lunatic!"

(oh, wait-- that's not a disguise!)

'Commander Bunny' = F.C.C. Snitch

((Now, REMEMBER-- this was supposed to be
in the 'style' of 'Commander Bunny'.

Did I do it?  Was it pretty close?
other than missing the filthy language.... ?


  1. Your post has a couple of serious shortcomings if it was meant to be in the style of CB: it was too funny and too interesting to be him.

  2. @RadioBob:

    Awww. Well, darnit!

    Hey, aren't you in the 'Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame'?

  3. Why, yes, yes I am. In fact, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the board of directors, partularly my old friends Pat Murphy and John T. Arthur, for making me the very first inductee. Thanks guys!

  4. Well, I'm sure you deserved it!
    "FIGHT for FREE RADIO", right?

    We seemed to have that phrase in common, but I was using it in the early 80's...

  5. Someone call an exorcist! Poet has been possessed by the Commandant Lapin demon! With what appears to be a side dish of Noodlethulhu.

  6. HAH! I thought all the illiterate misspellings were right on, but there wasn't enough bad punctuation. LOVED the mixed-tense verbs too; perfectly matches his uneducated style.

    Stay in school kids!

  7. Wait a second. Pretend Pirates? Isn't The Crystal Ship in the Hall of Fame? And the Snitch Puppet King is not..that is to say not under THAT nom de poulet! (Look it up, Commander Murphy!!)

  8. Speaking of has-beens, the latest WBNY rant claims that FRC and HFU have seen their hit count drop recently.

    Well, I can't speak for those sites, but I can guarantee that the hit count for the FRN has gone down quite a bit in the past week. It does this ol' boy's heart good to see it.


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