July 25, 2011

Commander Bunny Threatens Poet with His Knowledge of Poet's Geographical Details, Proving He Lied About Access To eBay Customer List

From 'Commander Bunny' blog:

"Now, if he's following his script, he's had you checked via an online PI service.
No, I'm not bull**itting.  It's what he does...."
~via the grapevine

In an Email exchange which followed the emails already published last week, 'Commander Bunny', using the Email address "Karl Marx, fingerofdestiny@gmail.com", lets me know he knows my exact location by dropping the name of a street about three blocks away. His having this information is the direct result of my purchase of a Commander Bunny T-shirt off of ebay-- (and, of course, my use of the FRN website which gave away my I.P. address and city to match up with), all of his denials about having access to that information notwithstanding. His own statement proves it as FACT.


from Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com
to John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com

Where's the proof?

You say Commander Bunny shared his mailing list with someone, you're the one always hollering about "PROOF", where is it?


How's it feel to have your face spread all over the internet with "LIAR AND GUILTY" all over it? Not fun is it?


Now that you are the KING of Pirate Radio, you have to have a sense of humor about all of your faults! Laugh at yourself POET, everyone else is laughing!!!! The KINGS Clothes (look it up ***hole) clothes are exposed!

((Comment: It's the 'EMPEROR's New Clothes', MORON!
Actually very strange that you would allude to this, as the tale would seem to be MUCH more aptly applied to yourself than to me....

from John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com
to Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com

I never claimed to be 'the King of Pirate Radio'.

You, however, are STILL,
'The King of Performance Art'
and, I might add, desperately in need of some professional psychiatric help.

Get it!


from Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com
to John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com


You're fraud. Doesn't feel good does it?

I wasn't messing with you, you messed with me.

Now **ck off!
from Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com
to John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com,

Lets see I was minding my own business wasn't bothering anybody, you started telling lies about me and now you cry like a litte baby because you're getting dose of your own medicine.



from John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com
to Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com

Who's crying?
It would appear, that you are.

You had your say; thank you for including me in your email, and not BCCing the list, so that I could also have mine. That was very gracious of you. I have done that.... and frankly, I come off looking a lot better than you do... but, by all means, keep up the good work!

Are YOU 'man enough' to take what will come?

I kinda doubt that.



from Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com
to John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com

You started this ***hole, now you be REAL CAREFUL.

The folks on South Washington are watching!

Doesn't feel good does it? Don't want this shit in your life, STOP DISHING IT OUT.

Like I said, REAL SIMPLE.

Want to escalate it? Works both ways.


from John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com
to Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com

GO FOR IT, D**khead!

from Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com
to John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com

Before you go "escalating" anything, STOP and THINK for a moment.

I didn't come after you. I didn't attack you. Even over the Sock Puppet thing.

You have far more to lose than I do. I really hate this shit. I don't want to fight with anyone. But if I am attacked over something that is purely untrue, I will attack back.

I don't want to fight with you. I HAVE NEVER ATTACKED YOU.

You've got a lot to lose. Me, I'm pretty much done with it.

STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU 'ESCALATE' THIS. You're going to lose too.


from John Poet tcsshortwave@gmail.com
to Karl Marx fingerofdestiny@gmail.com

'Never attacked me'? LOL!

How 'bout that blog post?

How 'bout all these thinly veiled "backstabbing" remarks (it isn't like most people didn't know who you were talking about)?

How 'bout all your threats to "expose" people?

But, never mind all that...

How 'bout that previous email?

That would make a splendid part of a new blog post, wouldn't it?

I don't know if its fair to leave people in the dark about the manner in which you've just tried to threaten me.... Maybe they have a right to know? What do you think?

If we're going to get into the area of "who's an FCC snitch", we can go there.

I've heard the whole story about your past in that area...

Unlike some of your previous victims, I won't be bullied into silence if I should choose to speak out on something. These kinds of threats make it more likely that I will do so--- NOT less likely. Clearly you do not understand me.


PS I doubt I'll do any more today. This subject matter is so broad it would probably take a couple days to compose, should I be so inclined...

PSS: I've known what I have to lose from the beginning, and that there is NOTHING of which you are not capable. I said what I had to say anyway-- and I said it without hiding behind the cowardice of secondary personalities-- unlike some people I know.


((Exchange stops))


I have no doubt whatsoever about where he got the information he needed.  It is the direct result of my purchase of a CB Tshirt on ebay.  He'll probably still deny having access to that list, since lying is about all he ever does.
Those of you who sent him reception reports?  Well, that's one list he can't deny having.  I never sent one to anybody via mail.
I still have the original email in question.  I'll be happy to forward it to anyone who has any doubts about it... although others have already seen it.
And, unlike CB, I'll actually show it to you-- it actually exists.
Undoubtedly, there is more to come.  If people decide to jump to any conclusions about what else "Commander Bunny" has actually done with this information, besides baiting me with it-- those conclusions might be considered very logical.... and even moreso, when you hear about what else he has done in the recent past.  That information is going to be published elsewhere in the not too distant future!


  1. Well, unfortunately, there are people who eat Commander Bunny's rabbit raisins and think they are candy!

  2. My question is whatever happened to that pirate radio guy called Commander Bunny? When was the last time he stuck his head out of his flea-infested warren and actually broadcast a program?
    Of course, the King of Sock Puppets may not have the courage to broadcast after acting like a rat and telling tales to the FCC.

  3. The plot thickens.

    "...desperately in need of some professional psychiatric help."

    Some of us may recall that very advice was given to the man behind Commander Bunny, via a computer voice broadcast on Independence Day weekend in 2008. At the time it seemed like hyperbole. Not so any longer.

  4. Bunnyman's blog's entry for today is about "Karma", which he posted after he took down his earlier entry gloating about the bust, in which he posted a copy of the FCC's NOUO letter with glee.

    What a bitter bitter old man he is.

  5. "My comment about “Washington Avenue” was in reference to Detroit". (This quote came directly from the WBNY blog i.e. Rabbit Raisins for Your Consumption)
    Interesting, now the Bunny admits to using different names on the Internet and claims Karma caused the bust. Was Karma the name of the agent Commander Snitch used to inform on The Crystal Ship?

  6. That's a fairly lame alibi about "Washington" Avenue--- EXCEPT BEFORE he called it "South Washington", and NOW he calls it "Washington Avenue". BOTH of these are correct names of the street in question...

    So I guess having looked at a map helps you to get both variations of the street name correct!

    Looks like another slip-up, Commander!

    Remember, CB, "Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as an FCC Snitch, than to open it and remove all doubt!"

  7. There can no longer be any doubt. Three of the most popular, profilic pirates in a row.

    I wonder what Weather Radio did? Or was he just the "dry run", much like all sockpuppets get "worn in" with a few test posts. Probably picked simply because he was close to a monitoring station (great way to see if the FCC would even bother to respond to a tipoff).

  8. Scorched Earth (which is what this amounts to) is the last act of a weak, desperate combatant.

    Some bunny's narcissism -- and that of his loyal lackeys -- astound.

    Stay Classy, Murph!

  9. I am seriously thinking of going to next winterfest with a carload of free goodies to hand out.

    Tentative ideas:
    T-shirts with "Fight for Free Radio - Shoot the Rabbit!!!"

    Caps with "The Pig is a Rat"

    Bumper stickers with "Commander Bunny and Kracker for FCC 'Snitch of the Year'"

    "Official" FCC ID cards for both

    Still working on some other ideas.

  10. Are you trying to start something with me with that "The Pig is a rat" stuff, anonoboy?

    If you're feelin' froggish,jump.

  11. Sorry Pigmeat ... wrong swine ... definitely Kracker's pig pic on that one.



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