August 29, 2011

THE “HAS-BEEN” INFESTATION IN PIRATE RADIO! Commander Bunny Don’t transmit, Commander Bunny Don’t produce shows, 'Commander Bunny' just makes trouble and tells big-big-bigger-BIGGEST LIES! (And, he's a freakin' MORON, Too!)

Pirate Radio News & Commentary,
"a la Commander Bunny"
by John Poet

(This post written in the style of the has-been shortwave radio pirate and part-time internet stalker known as 'Commander Bunny' who does not broadcast anymore-- but without all the dirty words  'Commander Bunny' a sixth-grader would use...)

"Oh my god! (insert deity of your choice, non-lepus variety)!

 "The has-been radio pirate known as 'Commander Bunny'
aka WBNY Radio Snitch-Puppet, is ruining, what used to be
a "fun  practice" of Pirate Radio.

"Time for this Non-Influential, Non-Broadcasting,
Over-Rated Has-Been  to either shape-up or
'Have a Big Cup of STFU!'   

  "We are recommending a
“Truth About the Pirate Radio War Video” for the
short attention span, short-minded 'Commander Bunny' and his other non-broadcasting, FRN sock-puppet know-it-alls!


"When all you can do is collect people's personal information and mailing addresses, libel listeners, snitch out REAL stations with REAL transmitters to the F.C.C., and you
you really have no place in shortwave Pirate Radio! 

(but maybe you belong in the Virginia State Hospital...)

"There is noplace

for the hate and lies you keep passing along disguised as the bile-filled rantings of a no-longer-influential, mentally deluded, over-rated has-been and severely disturbed lunatic!"

(oh, wait-- that's not a disguise!)

'Commander Bunny' = F.C.C. Snitch

((Now, REMEMBER-- this was supposed to be
in the 'style' of 'Commander Bunny'.

Did I do it?  Was it pretty close?
other than missing the filthy language.... ?

August 24, 2011

North American Pirate Radio War of 2011: The 'Video'!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
"The North American pirate radio war of 2011, was largely caused by the extensive use of sock-puppets by 'Commander Bunny', of WBNY (aka 'Pat Murphy'), to control and dominate the Free Radio Network, a long-standing forum devoted to shortwave pirate radio listening. The most active sock-puppets were exposed by John Poet of The Crystal Ship pirate radio station, as well as by Guise Faux of the satirical Radio Paranoia blog. Poet and TCS were
subsequently caught be the FCC. Poet and many pirate DXers believe the FCC was given
helpful information by FCC snitches 'Commander Bunny' & 'Kracker'."

Special thanks to 'The Radical' for all his hard work on the video editing.

Written by The Poet and The Radical


"Blog Hits?  We Don't Need No Stinkin' Blog Hits!"

When It Grows Past Kracker, Let Us Know...

August 18, 2011

'The Crystal Ship' Listeners Email Reactions To News of Bust. TCS Shows To Be Carried By Relay Stations This Fall

by John Poet
Pirate Radio News & Commentary

As I stated in our previous post, I was about to publish some listener reaction to the torpedoing of The Crystal Ship when we were interrupted by the raging sock-puppeteer sometimes known as 'Commander Bunny' also known by many other names...  Bunny  was attempting to frame a well-known DXer as the snitch who complained to the FCC about TCS, with his poorly done faked emails, in an attempt to deflect the rising anger of the pirate radio community against him for his suspected involvement in getting TCS busted by the FCC.  That frame-up attempt on his part has been a rather embarassing failure which has only seemed to reinforce the case against him.

  In the interim, aware that I intended to post some email comments, I was contacted by a listener who was concerned about the possible repercussions of being known  to have said anything nice about us:
"I found your latest blog post very interesting, and it certainly looks like CB has driven in the final nail in his coffin.  I ask however that when (and if) you do a blog post quoting the outpouring of support from listeners, that you please not give my name, nor post any references pointing to me (***** ******, for example). I'd really appreciate that, as *********, and don't want any trouble."

  I assured the listener that, being aware that this could make them some sort of a target for certain unsavory individuals, and having no wish for any of my friends to end up on *someone's* 'enemies list', I had always planned to remove names and any other identifying information.  (And yes, it is a pretty sad state of affairs that would make this anonymity necessary for the protection of our fans.)

  Well, on with the unsigned reactions below.... and yes, they are real:  I don't find it necessary to manufacture affirmations-- we've always gotten enough of the real thing!

August 11, 2011

DESPERATE LIES OF A DESPERATE SNITCH! Bunny Attempts Frameup of Bigley for TCS Bust, Botches Manufactered Email. Poet Irrefutably Proves Email A Fake

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
By John Poet

  Well, I was just getting ready to make a nice, mostly upbeat  (for a change) post, quoting some of the outpouring of support from our listeners which we received in reaction to the news of our FCC bust, when I read a rather frantic email from DXer Artie Bigley.  This demands my immediate attention, so the rest will have to wait a bit...
  It seems that "Commander Bunny"  has produced an Email on his blog (or rather, the text of an alleged email... and I Do mean "produced" errr, "manufactured"), purporting to be an Emailed complaint from Artie Bigley to the FCC, asking them to bust The Crystal Ship.  (Since "CB" will probably remove the original page  shortly, like he always does,  here's a screencap.)

The Email reads as follows:


X-From_: Sat April 9, 10:15:43 2011

X-Originating-IP: [removed]
From: Artie Bigley

Subject: FCC Enforcement action Detroit Office
Date: Sat, 9 April 2011 10:15:33 -0400

Dear Mr. Bridgewater:

I want to report Pirate Radio activity in central Michigan, and special attention on a
Communist who calls himself "Poet". He is using 6815 kilohertz to broadcast his Communist message on his station "the Crystal Ship". He broadcasts the Russian National Anthem. He is a treasonous voice of dissent and needs to be silenced.

Your attention to this matter is appreciated. He also has a blog called "freeradiocafe",
where he will announce when he is going on the air. He also posted that he was in Central
Michigan on this blog. I also want to FOIA any information about this station from the FCC
database as soon as possible. I am doing what I can to rid the airwaves of these lowlifes.


> Subject: Illegal Pirate activity, FOIA Request
> Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 13:20:31 -0400
> From:
> To:
> Mr. Bigley,
> The FCC received your information about illegal pirate radio activity on April 9, 2011
and have taken appropriate measures. While we would like to respond to your FOIA request,
you did not provide the address to which you want the FCC's response to be sent. Please
respond with a mailing address for the response.
> Thank you.
>James.Bridgewater - Detroit FCC
>CC:Diane Law-Hsu
> Enforcement Bureau

("Treasonous voice of dissent"?  Well, thank you, "CB", we do what we can!)

   My first, knee-jerk conclusion to news of the release of this supposed email was, that it was a fake manufactured by "Commander Bunny"  to attempt to frame Bigley as the informant who complained to the FCC about The Crystal Ship-- in order to redirect the anger of pirate DXers over TCS' bust from himself to Bigley.

Well, upon closer inspection, my first, knee-jerk reaction turns out to be
----absolutely correct!!!