January 19, 2012

"I've Got A Rotating ISP# So It Never Shows Up The Same," Says Commander Bunny In His Sock-Puppeting Apology!

"Oh NO!  I've drowned 'Mosby'!"

"The apology thing is just part of the cycle. He'll calm down for awhile and then it starts over again. I really think he's got a screw loose." 
~from a Bunny insider

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
By John Poet

In our previous article about the 'pirate radio war of 2011', we told you how Commander Bunny had actually started the war with his anonymous/sock-puppet attacks on Radio Yellowknife, how he reported Doc John of Radio Yellowknife to a radio club and Canadian authorities in an attempt to get them busted; and how he later switched to public attacks against Doc after he started his new station, the Northern Relay Service.  That article also explained how 'Commander Bunny', aka 'Pat Murphy', whose real name is Jerry Michael Graves, became more and more obvious in his use of sock-puppets  on the FRN 'Free Radio Network' forum, using them to make, augment and orchestrate his attacks. Among the most-often used sock-puppets were 'Beans', 'Mosby' and 'Thumper'.

When 'Commander Bunny' stated in his "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" FRN post that he was 'all done talking about NRS,' he continued to use the sock-puppets to continue his attacks on NRS, and, what I personally found to be even more disturbing, used his sock-puppets to bully FRN members who had posted loggings of NRS.  All of this led directly to my break with 'Commander Bunny', and I decided I wasn't going to ignore or play dumb about all this sock-puppeting any longer, but call them out publicly if he insisted on continuing this game... and, he insisted on continuing.

Poet "Outs" The Puppets;  FRN Gets Really Quiet

'Beans' was first to show up again, on April 10th, 2011.  In a rather amusing post, Ragnar had complained about an anonymous pirate operator having played the song "I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World" over and over on the air, until it got stuck in his head... and then 'Beans' had to speak up and blame it on NRS, "or one of his many sock puppets"  (!)  ((Oh, give me a break... what nerve! ~ JP))

I gave him a warning, again, but I guess he just didn't get it, and chose to tell me to "go f00k yourself".  So, I let him have it 
((Thanks to the anonymous poster on Radio Paranoia who recently used the imgur.com site to post copies of threads-- I like how these work a lot better than that Google thing... ~JP))

That scene seemed to throw the FRN into a deathly silence, until Ragnar posted the "monkey sniper" picture on April 15th, trying to lighten the mood.... I chose to comment on it, "Monkeyboy don't miss when he aims his gun".  This brought 'Thumper' onto the scene.  I disposed of him summarily, without hinting around any more about my meaning.  (The link "for what they are" pointed to the Wikipedia "Sock-Puppets" entry.)

No Feeding the Sock-Puppets!
This seemed to deepen the silence on the FRN even further.... but my Email box started going wild.  I began reading all these narratives, about the abuse of FRN posters by Commander's sock-puppets, and how FRN accounts got deleted when anyone else had tried to speak up about them, etc etc etc.  Most of this was news to me; from what I read, the disappearing accounts seemed to happen to posters who were newer, or had a lot fewer connections with others in the hobby than I have.  Besides, in some previous off-board altercations with 'Pat Murphy', I had made it quite clear that I would not hesitate to use my large Email list to broadcast whatever I felt needed saying-- in the event that anything ever happened to my FRN account-- so I guess "Commander" realized that I couldn't be silenced by deleting my posts or my account, as he had done to others with smaller footprints...

(If you're on the front page, click "Read More" for the rest of this story, including the never-before-published Email exchange between CB and Poet, and CB's "Sock-puppeting Apology"!)