Crystal Ship QSLs

These are the various QSLs and eQSLs issued by The Crystal Ship over the years.

The Original Crystal Ship QSL Card

The Original Crystal Ship QSL card

This card was issued by TCS for reception from 1982-1984. 
When TCS was resurrected in 2004, this original QSL continued to be sent from 2004 through 2008, along with some other printed materials shown below:
TCS QSL package from 2004-2008


After taking a ten-month break, The Crystal Ship resumed pirate radio transmissions in May 2009.  At that time we finally made the move to emailing eQSLs as so many other pirate stations had begun to do.  We continued to issue this eQSL through our FCC "bust" in May 2011.

The TCS Shortwave Relay Network - eQSL
Standard eQSL for TCS Shortwave Relay Network
Some 4-5 months after the FCC bust, The Crystal Ship was reborn as a program, broadcast by a loose group of pirate radio patriots known as the TCS Shortwave Relay Network.  As The Crystal Ship arose from its ashes, so rose this new Relay Network eQSL with the Phoenix, the sock-puppeting Nessie, the ex-bunny with treadmarks down his back, as well as art from some of our most favorite rock 'n roll bands.

Variations on the TCS Shortwave Relay Network eQSL

After a time, some variations were sometimes made to the standard Network eQSL to acknowledge some specific shows which were being eQSLed.  These appear below:

eQSL for the Radical's "TCS Baseball Extravaganza"

eQSL for the "Stop Romney Express", a show run
during the 2012 Presidential Election campaign.


eQSL for "The Crystal Ship UNCHAINED" program

  Early in 2013, the TCS "special edition" eQSLs  for specific shows began taking on a more extensive redesign, often including album covers or single sleeve cover art from selections in the program, or other related art, as in the following eQSL designs:

eQSL for the Tom Petty Buried Treasures show


eQSL 'War Is Not The Answer' show,
a response to the saber-rattling over Syria

eQSL Bubblegum Express


eQSL 'Flower Power'

eQSL for shows during the "Government Shutdown"


eQSL for the "TCS Rock 'n Roll Art Show"

TCS 'Halloween Playhouse'

TCS 'The 80s Sound'
eQSL for TCS 'Sex-Rock Show'
eQSL for the '70s Jukebox'
eQSL for TCS 'Heartbreak Hotel'
Reception Reports
At The Crystal Ship / TCS Shortwave Relay Network, we welcome emailed reception reports from listeners.  Valid reports will receive an eQSL similar to those above.

When reporting reception, please include the date, starting and ending times you were listening in UTC, and the frequency.  All reception reports should be sent to