April 18, 2011

'FRN and The King of Performance Art' -- Or -- 'The Sock-Puppet Ball: A Story in Links and Pictures'

'Beans'?   Or  'Mosby'?


'Bouncer'?  Maybe

(Sundry Other Gang Members 
Not Yet Fully Identified)

A Blueprint for Bedlam

Beware of those 'attack socks',
just post your adulation, then f00k off!

Warning:  Objects Attacking You May
Seem Larger Than They Really Are...

Need I say more?


  1. LOL! I didn't get the "guilt" thing until I watched that Sifl & Olly video. Now *that* was crescent fresh.

    BTW, I know for a fact that top sock isn't Beans. No pus-soaked bandages covering the perpetual butthurt.

  2. goof ball... why escalate schit, this makes you of a higher caliber? Try actually thinking about it man, whats this prove? I had hoped you were more intelligent than this. I am very disappointed. so you gonna take me on too? You gonna beat everyone up in cyber space? guess what man just because you win a gold medal in the special Olympics doesn't mean your no longer retarded. Because thats exactly what cyber piddeling is, now if you want to play hard ball lets hack each others sites.. That will really prove something.. Good day

  3. Oh, its you, Kracker!
    Thought I recognized the smell...

    I suppose you're upset that you didn't get any credit for your work with the puppets. Ok, everyone-- Kracker also reportedly has had his hand in the sock from time to time! (And not only that, he's worked the sock-puppets...)

    BTW-- You're about the last place I'd look for affirmations about my level of intelligence... so your opinion is noted, then duly discarded, like-- like-- a dirty sock!


  4. Gee,hacking websites and systems. The FBI takes a real interest in that sort of stuff. You think a guy with a record would want to stay far away from those guys? How could a giant sixth grade brain like Kracker's slip up on that one?

    Unless he misses that jailhouse lovin',of course. Bend over,baby.

  5. Why escalate schit? Because it's worth escalating. The pirate community has grown tired of the beratings and self-serving crap that comes out of the mouths of (what we now know is) you and the puppet master. Poet is correct in that it's gone on for too long and driven good people away from the hobby.

    Make no mistake. It's not revenge we're after. It's a reckoning. (Thanks Doc)

  6. You were in prison, Kracker?

    Oh boy.
    That explains a lot.


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