August 24, 2011

North American Pirate Radio War of 2011: The 'Video'!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
"The North American pirate radio war of 2011, was largely caused by the extensive use of sock-puppets by 'Commander Bunny', of WBNY (aka 'Pat Murphy'), to control and dominate the Free Radio Network, a long-standing forum devoted to shortwave pirate radio listening. The most active sock-puppets were exposed by John Poet of The Crystal Ship pirate radio station, as well as by Guise Faux of the satirical Radio Paranoia blog. Poet and TCS were
subsequently caught be the FCC. Poet and many pirate DXers believe the FCC was given
helpful information by FCC snitches 'Commander Bunny' & 'Kracker'."

Special thanks to 'The Radical' for all his hard work on the video editing.

Written by The Poet and The Radical


"Blog Hits?  We Don't Need No Stinkin' Blog Hits!"

When It Grows Past Kracker, Let Us Know...


  1. One day we will all be telling our grandchildren we were there ! Great video, good laughs.

  2. Harelarious! A treat for the entire laundry basket!

    Sure to gain notoriety at the next "Con's Film Festival"! My not-a-sockpuppet Brown Nose the Pirate and I give it a hearty Five Beers!

  3. Wow, I thought you said "bong hits". You and I are gonna dance for that one, asshat.

  4. "Bong hits".

    There ya go. Feel better now?


  5. You got six minutes and thirty seconds of material out of the antics of Warthead and Bunny Boy? This is truly a time of miracles and wonders.

  6. Here's some more snaps of J. Mike

  7. Rusty,
    Well, honestly only about five and a half minutes... a few things were repeated for effect!

  8. LOL!

    "The Adventures of Warthead and Bunny Boy" would make a great radio serial,dontcha think?

  9. Rusty,

    I think the first couple episodes might be mildly entertaining... and then, it would basically be repetitive and boring-- the same show template repeated over and over with the only change being, who is their 'villain of the week'. People would tire of it-- much as they have tired of the non-radio Bunny-Kracker serial...

  10. why did the frn get shut off ?

    what kind of bs excuse they gonna use this time?

  11. @Anon:
    Near as we can figure, the FRN was shut down on *someone*s whim-- that is, they were afraid they'd lose internet access and not be able to delete posts at will, so he thought it better just to shut down the whole website for the duration. Much of Virginia is without power, and may be for up to a week, so it may be down for that long. Nice that he's so considerate to the sites users, dontcha think?

    That's just a theory, of course, but seems like a good one-- since there's no hurricaine in Joplin, Missouri.

    There's no hurricaine on the Free Radio Cafe either, so you're invited to sign in and post your logs there, or just say hello...
    I've yet to shut that forum down because I fear someone will say something I don't like...

  12. the FRN was shut down on *someone*s whim ?
    and that supports free speach of the site users right ?
    be able to delete posts at will
    and that is what the frn is all about right ?

    there are much better sites for the people to use

  13. @Anon:
    The FRN has NEVER been about 'free speech for the users'-- it's always been about 'control'. When *certain people* have gone so far as to DELETE LOGGINGS of stations which they oppose (Yes, it happened there: certain legitimate loggings of Northern Relay Service were deleted, and FAKE loggings containing libels against the station op were posted by sock-puppets!), it really ceases to be a very legitimate site (and at the moment, it's a site you can't use at all!)

    And by *someone*, of course I mean Commander Bunny also known as Pat Murphy whose real name is Jerry Michael Graves (Since he is repeatedly using my real name on his blog/whine site, I suppose I shouldn't be shy about returning the favor-- and building useful web links in the process.)

    There are a few people at the FRN who would perhaps like to rescue the site, but the problem for them is, Bunny Graves still evidently retains admin tools, and perhaps is really STILL the de-factor administrator, and can pretty much do what he likes with the site-- witness, this inexplicable shutdown. I can hardly wait for the gyrations to come when it eventually comes back online...

  14. I guess the Snitch Puppet King was displeased about the video. I just skimmed his latest blog entry and realized all it contains is his usual "poor poor pitiful me" act plus the usual accusations that are re-posted ad nauseum.
    Perhaps, Commander Murphy needs to stop his sobbing, put on his big bunny pants, and drink a cup of STFU! Also, you can't comment on Commander Crybaby's blog posts, and for the Repugnant Rodent to talk about peace and love makes my brain hurt!
    Commander Whine-ass Murphy continues to dig his own grave in terms of his credibility when he is one Hateful, Revolting, Raisin Munching Bunny, who will not disappear from the scene like his Fistful of Cotton Friends, like Beans, Mosby,Thumper, Lovemyradios, etc. Anybody with a lick of sense knows who the Lying Snitch Sock Puppet Master Attention Whore is in this drama, and who is telling the straight story!

  15. Poet, great post, man! WBNY and Kracker have given pirate radio a bad name. They have given a bad name to SWL's and Licensed Amateurs who are also oftentimes SWL's as well. For the record, until Shortwave America has an opportunity to counsel with its business affiliate, no public statement will be made and no engagement will be sought further in the matter of WBNY's wild and off the mark statements about Shortwave America.

    Shortwave America CAN state that WBNY has incorrectly asserted that Shortwave America is a pirate broadcaster or is attempting to engage in unlicensed pirate radio operation. Shortwave America supports free radio, but is not affiliated with any pirate stations.

    With that said, WBNY's call for Shortwave America to "Transmit or shut up" is laughable. That same statement is also laughable due to the fact that Shortwave America IS part of a legitimate radio production as evidenced at our publication.


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