November 7, 2012

TCS Shortwave Relay Network Halts Romney's Momentum, Spurs Millions to Polls, Saves Obama's Bacon and Changes Course of History With Their 'Stop Romney Express'!

(We also caught the winning touch-down for Notre Dame, but I didn't have room for that in the headline...)

Late October 2012:  It seemed as if the Romney-Ryan ticket was headed for victory in the 2012 Presidential election.  Numerous national polls had them out front.  Democrats were demoralized.  Republicans were energized.  Right-wing AM Talk-Radio hosts were salivating.

And at that moment, The Left's Super-Secret Weapon was unleashed:

The Crystal Ship's 'Stop Romney Express' program on the TCS Shortwave Relay Network!

Through our vast network of North American pirate radio relay stations, The Crystal Ship's "Stop Romney Express" program was aired several times from late October through early November, being logged by nearly a dozen listeners from coast-to-coast.  Content of the program variously  parodied, lampooned, ridiculed and kicked the crap out of the billionaire plutocrat, Republican Presidential Nominee Willard Mitt Romney.

And then, President Obama's fortunes changed, and he cruised to a convincing re-election victory!

Could the conclusion be any more obvious?

Through the heroic pirate broadcasters comprising the TCS Shortwave Relay Network, 
The Poet and the Radical turned the tide of the election! 

( You're Welcome, America! )

Now, we are not claiming that it was by virtue of a dozen listeners hearing our program that the course of history was changed.  Oh, no!

What we are proclaiming is,  by virtue of the programming carried on our  coast-to-coast RF signals, coursing through the bodies of millions of Democratic voters who otherwise would not have shown up at the polls, and unbeknownst to them (since RF is invisible), the great power of our RF signals imprinted the submliminal message on the subconscious of millions:

"No matter what else happens, I must get myself to the polls on election day, and vote for the re-election of President Obama!"

And so they did.

(Really, you don't need to thank us, America--
Saving our future is just a 'thing we like to do' !)

Special-Edition eQSL for reception reports
on the 'Stop Romney Express' show