December 26, 2011

"I'm Not Your Pirate Radio Jesus," Says Poet to an Anonymous Detractor Who Ignores Poet's Rights of Self-Defense

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
by John Poet

(An anonymous commenter in a previous thread made an argument we'll probably be forced to suffer through more and more as time goes on:  that if I publish information on 'Commander Bunny' similar to that which he has repeatedly published about me, then I am "no better than he is".  I initially posted a lengthy response to that in comments... but think it appropriate to raise the whole exchange to the post-level here, since it probably isn't the last time we'll hear this, and I prefer my response to that argument to be more prominent than at the comment-level.)

"Anonymous said...

"Okay something is very wrong here... I had just read your article re: Commander Bunny and NRS, and it I can say, yes it is 100% correct. I didn't want to believe that CB was a snitch, but now all doubt is gone. CB is #1 snitch. Unfortunately that puts you at #2, as you have revealed CB's indentity, and put other's in jepordy. You revealing CB's identity in reaction to his actions doesn't make it right. It pretty much means, you're no better than he is.

"I am in hopes that both sides of this "pirate war" continue, and that is ends up that you both wipe yourselves from existance."

John Poet Replies...
@Anonymous 1:03 am:

I am "no better than he is"? Nonsense!

If Abraham Lincoln had been able to shoot back at John Wilkes Booth, would you then say that Lincoln was "no better than he is"? Would you then refer to Lincoln as "Assassin #2" ?

I think not... but that is the essence of the argument you are making, here. It completely ignores the facts about who fired first, and who is only reacting in self-defense. Furthermore, it conveniently ignores the fact that it was Commander Bunny who repeatedly posted approximations of my address, before publishing the real address-- something that I have not, as yet, done to him in return-- so even by the standard of 'who has published what, who cares in what order',  your statement is still demonstrably false at this juncture.

However,  I believe I have the moral right to publish that information, if and when I should choose to do so. Firing back is essentially an act of self-defense, and everyone has the moral right to self-defense. In fact, it may be a moral imperitive for me to republish pertinent information about him (it isn't as if any of this is 'new information' or 'secret', it is publicly available)-- because if he is allowed to do all these things without consequences, it makes it more likely that he will do the same again to someone else. Making his information available to other potential victims will serve as a deterrent to he who has always preferred to "drop dox" and publish his slanders under the anonymity of secondary false identities or sock-puppets.

You wrote, "You revealing CB's identity in reaction to his actions doesn't make it right." It is still an act of self-defense, and there is nothing morally wrong about acting in self-defense employing a similar level of 'force'. The facts are, I have published less about him than he has about me, and much less often. Unlike him, I have reacted with a good deal of restraint.

You seem to want me to be your 'pirate radio Jesus', to love my enemies and 'turn the other cheek' to 'Commander Bunny' after he repeatedly publishes my real name, real address, what he claims to believe are facts about my living arrangements and employment status-- and even sinks to the level of making sordid comments about my dead mother. When those facts are fairly taken into account, your statement that I am "no better than he is" holds no water whatsoever. However, it is true that I am more like a pirate radio Moses than a Jesus: 'an eye for an eye' is good enough for me, when it comes to this business of publishing personal information.  I won't go so far as to create slanderous lies about him, but I certainly will not allow some demonstrably false moral double-standard to prevent me from revealing similar facts about him as he has done to me. I am not the one who started this "dropping dox" and publishing names and addresses.

If this means that there will be a few, like yourself, who will claim to believe that I am "no better than he is" (even though, deep down, you know better), well, that is a price which I am willing to pay-- and, when weighing the validity of such opinions, I am certain that objective observers will also take the 'likely sources' into consideration. 
~  John Poet

'Commander Bunny's alter-ego 'Bill O. Rights' makes interesting comments
about the supposed frequency of complaints 'phoned in' to the FCC...

December 21, 2011

How Commander Bunny & His Gang of FRN Sock-Puppets Started the Pirate Radio War of 2011: With Covert Attacks Against Radio Yellowknife, Then FRN Flaming and Mass-Emailed Lies & Propoganda Against the Northern Relay Service

"What I, and everyone else, is dying to see is the original declaration of war by the NRS. The bun claims that the NRS started the fight by posting slanderous accusations demeaning the Bun and WBNY. Funny thing is, NO ONE (other than the Bun) has seen this post. There is no evidence whatsoever. The bun just felt threatened at the presence of the NRS and went ballistic." ~anonymous emailer, April 2011

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
by John Poet

Despite the recent obfuscations spewing out of the Bunny camp/blog before it became a private 'cult' (his word for it,  not mine), the multiple-party feud that has become known as the 'Pirate Radio War of 2011' did not begin with me.  I was just another bystander when it began, and believed that 'Commander Bunny' and I were friends. This friendship was ruptured as a direct result of CB's vendetta against 'Northern Relay Service', his smear campaign of lies and distortions against them, and his rampant and increasingly obvious use of sockpuppets on the FRN pirate radio forum to reinforce his smears and to bully and intimidate other FRN posters into silence.

The 'pirate radio war of 2011' was started by 'Commander Bunny' aka 'Pat Murphy', who launched covert attacks against Doc John's 'Radio Yellowknife'.

THAT is where ALL OF THIS started...

Using his sockpuppet email alias "", CB sent complaints claiming RF interference from the station to a Yellowknife area radio club, as well as to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. When a CBC reporter contacted Radio Yellowknife via Email requesting an interview, Yellowknife shut down and reappeared a short time later as the 'Northern Relay Service'.

(If you're on the front page, click "Read More" for the rest of this story!)

December 2, 2011

'Commander Bunny' Offers 'Peace Treaty' in 'Pirate Radio War'?

'Commander  Bunny' Delivers his 'Peace Treaty' Proposal
(Note:  CB blocked access to the original post, but luckily we made this copy first!)

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
By John Poet
More like UNILATERAL SURRENDER and WEBSITE SCRUBBING for those who have stood against him,  than a serious peace offer.  Among his demands are, that all the material about him on this blog and other websites be removed-- and all the material on my "friends sites" be erased-- which I obviously could not make happen, even if I wanted to, and I don't... (and one may notice that he never states he will do the same...)  Sorry, Commander, we won't be cooperating in any more of your repetitive attempts to rewrite history.

And all this, while spouting out sundry names and addresses over and over of possible pirate radio operators, former pirate radio operators, bloggers and suspected bloggers...

Commander, have you so quickly forgotten the recently posted words of your "good friend", 'Bill O. Rights'?

"My contention is, that anyone who takes the fun out of Pirate Radio, is more interested in being the center of attention, and could care less about Pirate Radio. If they are spreading gossip, starting rumors, making accusations and revealing pirate locations or identities, then they really don't care about Pirate Radio..."

Or, perhaps you're forgetting what you yourself posted last summer:

So what about now, 'Commander'?

Despite his lies to the contrary, the only characters posting addresses have been Commander Bunny and Kracker.  Kracker had the good sense to remove it afterwards.  Commander Bunny, on the other hand, repeats the same act in a new post, adding others for good measure.  And he has the gall to offer "peace" within the same post?  Sorry, but that can hardly be taken seriously, even if I was interested.  The fact is, I am not interested.  Not at this time...

And his timing is certainly opportunistic, coming so soon after my 'Dogs of War' post, but before I have published any of the material that has been promised.  (My problem is, I am much too long-winded, and try to document things in too detailed a fashion--- rather than just calling names, posting ad hominins and making up lies, the way he does--- I imagine it's a lot quicker to make up lies, than to document what actually is happening-- or at least, it certainly is quicker for Commander Bunny!)

Well, I am not to be deterred-- and I am certainly not up to make a "unilateral surrender" to him BEFORE I'VE HAD MY COMPLETE SAY--- and that is all his "peace proposal" really is-- an attempt to shut me up, before I cover all the information I alluded to here, particularly much material which has never before been published.  Perhaps he's worried about what's to come-- I suppose he should be-- and wants to cut me off.  Sorry, Commander, ain't happening-- your false peace offers notwithstanding.

Or, perhaps all this throwing addresses about is an attempt to provoke me into publishing his real address--- something he falsely implies I have already done, but no one on this side of the question has been posting addresses.  Well, Commander, there may come a time for that.  If it happens, it may be because the particular address is a crucial piece of evidence in a puzzle we mean to complete--- not because of some knee-jerk tit-for-tat reaction on my part.

Oh, and BTW-- the F.C.C. has NEVER posted any address information about me, other than that I live in Lansing Michigan-- regardless of the counterfeit graphic Commander created in an earlier post.  That's just another outright LIE he's now manufactured, to try to justify his publishing of addresses.  You'd think he'd have learned a lesson about creating counterfeit evidence to support his claims, but apparantly not.

I have been delayed in posting the first of the expected stories, due to researching documentation that has taken me further and further back along the timeline-- and it now seems necessary to split the article I was writing into two, so things will take a little longer yet-- but that brings us to the question,

Where did the 'Pirate War of 2011' actually begin?

Not where he claims it did-- it did not begin with me

It publicly began with his attacks on Doc John of the Northern Relay Service, and his prounoncements that they were "attacking him" and "sending harassing emails" etc etc, (emails which he "offered" to produce for me, several times, until I finally said "so let's see them" and suddenly they could not be had-- because, as I later found out,  they were actually emails between Doc John and CB's email sockpuppet 'BobSmith'!)  OOPS!

((UPDATE:  Well, actually it began with CB's covert attacks on Radio Yellowknife-- the predecesser to the 'Northern Relay Service'... when he tried to get them busted by Canadian authorities.  We cover that and the whole CB/NRS feud, and how it began the 'pirate radio war of 2011', here. ))

And then, of course, he had his sock-puppets join in, trying to whip the masses into line, attacking DXers who posted logs of NRS on the FRN, and then posting falsified logs of their own--- and THIS was when I began to sit up and take notice, and finally realize that all was 'not kosher in Denmark', that sock-puppeting by Commander Bunny was rampant on the FRN, and that he was using those puppets to publish false claims, and even repeat false claims after they had been disproven (a practice he continues to this day with his stubborn refusal to let go of the Artie Bigley matter, even long after its been proven that the story was a complete fraud)-- these are the things that led to my break with Commander Bunny, and they were actions initiated by him, not me-- I was just a non-attentive bystander for too long....

Commander Bunny Started the 'Pirate War of 2011'--  back in February '11-- Against Northern Relay Service!

I only joined the 'pirate war', which was already in progress, when I realized that almost everything CB said about Doc John and the Northern Relay Service was nothing but a pack of lies--- and THIS is where I intend to recommence the narrative, in our next post-- since it is what brought me into this whole mess, and led me to discover for myself, CB's rampant and abusive sock-puppetry

 In the meantime, readers should review the RP post about Doc and 'BobSmith's email exchange-- since this seems to have been mostly what set CB off on this whole 'war'-- but his motivation for contacting Doc in the first place seems to have been the fact that some of his relayed programs wished to also appear on NRS-- and the bunny didn't want to share the attention with another relay service, and 'forbid' some of them to share the shows with NRS.

BTW, Commander Bunny-- as for your counterfeit offer of peace?