December 25, 2011

HO, HO, HO! It Looks A Little Bit Like Christmas on the FRN!

One more on the flip-



  1. Merry Christmas in the land of cotton, indeed!

  2. Okay something is very wrong here... I had just read your article re: Commander Bunny and NRS, and it I can say, yes it is 100% correct. I didn't want to believe that CB was a snitch, but now all doubt is gone. CB is #1 snitch. Unfortunately that puts you at #2, as you have revealed CB's indentity, and put other's in jepordy. You revealing CB's identity in reaction to his actions doesn't make it right. It pretty much means, you're no better than he is.

    I am in hopes that both sides of this "pirate war" continue, and that is ends up that you both wipe yourselves from existance.

  3. @Anonymous 1:03 a.m.:

    My response to this comment has been turned into a new post, here.


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