December 21, 2011

How Commander Bunny & His Gang of FRN Sock-Puppets Started the Pirate Radio War of 2011: With Covert Attacks Against Radio Yellowknife, Then FRN Flaming and Mass-Emailed Lies & Propoganda Against the Northern Relay Service

"What I, and everyone else, is dying to see is the original declaration of war by the NRS. The bun claims that the NRS started the fight by posting slanderous accusations demeaning the Bun and WBNY. Funny thing is, NO ONE (other than the Bun) has seen this post. There is no evidence whatsoever. The bun just felt threatened at the presence of the NRS and went ballistic." ~anonymous emailer, April 2011

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
by John Poet

Despite the recent obfuscations spewing out of the Bunny camp/blog before it became a private 'cult' (his word for it,  not mine), the multiple-party feud that has become known as the 'Pirate Radio War of 2011' did not begin with me.  I was just another bystander when it began, and believed that 'Commander Bunny' and I were friends. This friendship was ruptured as a direct result of CB's vendetta against 'Northern Relay Service', his smear campaign of lies and distortions against them, and his rampant and increasingly obvious use of sockpuppets on the FRN pirate radio forum to reinforce his smears and to bully and intimidate other FRN posters into silence.

The 'pirate radio war of 2011' was started by 'Commander Bunny' aka 'Pat Murphy', who launched covert attacks against Doc John's 'Radio Yellowknife'.

THAT is where ALL OF THIS started...

Using his sockpuppet email alias "", CB sent complaints claiming RF interference from the station to a Yellowknife area radio club, as well as to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. When a CBC reporter contacted Radio Yellowknife via Email requesting an interview, Yellowknife shut down and reappeared a short time later as the 'Northern Relay Service'.

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But Why Did CB Target 'Radio Yellowknife'?

Broadcasting from a northwest Canadian location thousands of miles from the bulk of North American pirate radio listeners, Radio Yellowknife initially attracted little attention from US pirate DXers, as it was so difficult or impossible for most of them to hear. It was reported by a small handful of listeners, mostly in Canada and the western United States, for several months.

Judging by the timeline of events, and from information from loggings and various other sources-- I have come to the conclusion that the reason C.Bunny launched these covert attacks against Radio Yellowknife was sheer jealousy-- he was angry because Radio Yellowknife had begun to run some of the same programs carried by the WBNY Relay Service, and he wanted those programs to be exclusively run on WBNY. I have been unable to find any other possible reason for him to have focused his ire upon them.

I have also learned that, after Doc John re-emerged as the 'Northern Relay Service', program creators running their material on WBNY were "forbidden"-- by the mad hare 'himself'-- to have their material also run on the Northern Relay Service. So  we do now have at least one theory on the reason for his initial animosity toward Radio Yellowknife-- an animosity so extreme that it brought him, a supposed pre-eminent proponent and self-proclaimed defender and lover of pirate radio-- to report a competing pirate radio station to the authorities.

That he actually did do some "snitching" to authorities in the case of Radio Yellowknife is really indisputable-- the "" email address involved was used on the Usenet by at least one of his now-known sockpuppet aliases years ago ("Bouncer"), and the I.P. address of the later now-famous emails to Doc John was tracked to Newport News, Virginia. What had been very obscure, up until now, was his possible motive for doing so.  Now, we have a possible motive.

Because of the amount of information to be covered, I will relate much of what follows in a "dateline" fashion, including relevent links and Email threads, to give readers a clear chronology of the events which began what has been called 'the pirate radio war of 2011'; and show how I eventually was drawn into a 'war' that had already been ongoing for several months.

DATELINE:  Radio Yellowknife / NRS Chronology

(WARNING:  Most of the following links point to the FRN forums.  If you don't want your I.P. address logged on the FRN,  OPEN THIS POST IN A PROXY before clicking any links)

11/7/2010    Radio Yellowknife first noted on FRN loggings. 

11/19/2010 Radio Yellowknife loggers speculate on station's location.

Radio Yellowknife continued to be logged quite regularly on the FRN through November and December 2010, and into January 2011.

1/14/2011   This seems to be the earliest date that  'Voice of Next Thursday' and 'Radio Junk' are  first mentioned on FRN loggings of Radio Yellowknife.  These were programs also being run by the 'WBNY Relay Service'.

1/18/2011  "The World Next Thursday" (sic) noted on 6930 kHz (the usual R. Yellowknife frequency) on the FRN loggings.

Sometime around this period, but before the Radio Yellowknife email address went dark, Doc John had his communications with the Canadian radio club which received the email complaints from "", now identified as a CB/Pat Murphy email address by its Newport News, VA I.P. address, and its association with known CB sockpuppet "Bouncer" on the usenet a few years back.

From Tales of Radio Paranoia: BobSmith House of Games:
According to Doc John, his Radio Yellowknife station was the subject of a complaint from a "Bob Smith" in late 2010 or early 2011:

"...under the name Bob Smith at bobsmith6955@yahoo (he) got a hold of the Ham radio club in Yellowknife and complained about RF interference in his house and also said he had contacted the DOT as well as CBC about me.

"This prompted a witch hunt in Yellowknife that I heard of second hand when I was doing a web search on Radio Yellowknife and came across an article done in the Club rag.
"When I contacted them under another name they gave me the name Bob Smith and e-mail addy... I also shortly thereafter was contacted by a CBC reporter wanting to do a story on RY."
--Doc John

After that incident, the gmail address and a blog for Radio Yellowknife were deleted.

1/20/2011 - 'Lima Indigo' post on FRN asks about Radio Yellowknife, "Did someone receive the knock?" because of bounced email.

It is interesting to note the exact dates, between the first loggings of WBNY relay programs appearing on Radio Yellowknife on the FRN, and the date the Yellowknife email address had gone dark:  January 14 to January 20, only six days.  If my hypothesis is correct, and the appearance of some of WBNY's relayed programs were the motivation for CB's covert attacks on Radio Yellowknife-- then *someone* didn't spend a heck of a lot of time contemplating his actions before he pulled the trigger on them!

Doc John Reappears as 'Northern Relay Service'

1/29/2011 First noted logging on FRN as "Northern Relay Service"

'Commander Bunny' soon learned that Doc was back on the air as 'NRS', presumably from information in the FRN loggings... Having failed to get them caught on his first attempt, he then used a sockpuppet email alias, posing as a Canadian listener, to try to get some advance information out of Doc John.

February 9-10, 2011-- The now-"famouse" Email exchange between CB/Pat's sockpuppet email address "" and Doc John, when "BobSmith" tried to get program times out of Doc, (It is reasonable to presume that he meant to turn this information over to Canadian authorities, trying to give them some lead time to try to make a bust.) and Doc comments about 'the Bunny' just to troll him:

BobSmith6955:  "Are you going to be on this weekend?  And if so when and what frequency?"

DocJohn: "... we recommend getting your rabies shots as there is a scare out there about rabid rabbits."
DocJohn: "Yes the commander has been around for a while, but lately everyone has been commenting that he is losing it. Not much on the FRN but on IRC etc, privately. Me thinks the first class stamp trade is good, and commercialism has corrupted his soul."

DocJohn's remark about these comments having been made on the pirate radio IRC internet relay chat, (comments which never actually happened, since this was a set-up by DocJohn), provoke CB into an apparant rage, and he uses his sock-puppet "Beans" to start an anti-IRC FRN thread:

2/11/2011 CBunny takes the bait with his sockpuppet 'Beans' using his familiar "troll for a day" methodology to start the "IRC the destruction of Pirate Radio" FRN thread. (Lately, he's been doing similar things with his recently re-activated 'sleeper-cell-sockpuppet' "Winston", albeit not quite as loudly)  Additional sockpuppets Mosby, Thumper, Bouncer, 2531, Lovemyradios, Pat Murphy, virtually the entire active sockpuppet family chime in!  The thread continues for over two weeks.

'Commander Bunny' went on and on about these remarks Doc had made in those private email replies to one addressee '', calling them "attacks",  using sockpuppet 'Mosby' who claimed to one of the people to have received the email, and did his best to give the impression that this was a part of some mass-email attacks by NRS against 'Commander Bunny'.  None of that was ever true.  

However, CB was very successful, for a time, in convincing the majority of the pirate radio community that Doc John and NRS were responsible for the feud and had started it, when in fact it had actually been the other way around.

"But Doc John --- what do Sock-Puppets have to do with pirate radio?"
"Ask Commander Bunny!"

2/12/2011 Known CB sockpuppet 'Mosby' made editorial comments in the loggings  "Now every dumb monkey wants to be a relay station" prompting this thread (why does Mosby talk like 'Commander Bunny'?  Slips like that, when I later discovered them,  made me start to think "Houston, we have a problem"), and in this thread claims to have received as a personal email, the comments Doc John actually made to!
"He has said, in a personal email to me, that "Commander Bunny has lost it"- Mosby

It was about this time that programming on the Northern Relay Service was reported as being what might be interpreted as less-than-rabbit-friendly-- playing the "kill da wabbit" audios and such-- but now knowing what had been going on behind the scenes-- who could blame him?  Nonetheless, such programming may have been wrongly interpreted, along with the Bunny's sockpuppet claims about receiving anti-Bunny emails, as 'Northern Relay Service started the war on Commander Bunny', as the Bunny would later claim over and over ad nauseum--- but the truth is, Doc John was only reacting to a war which had already been launched secretly against him, by Commander Bunny'War'?  Hell.  More like the pirate radio equivelant of launching nuclear missiles-- he snitched him out to government authorities. Taken in that light, Doc's response seems overly mild.

2/12/2011, NRS played "kill da wabbit" operetta cartoon audio, and talked about cooking rabbit.

2/18/2011 NRS with more "kill da wabbit"

(An Unrelated but Amusing Sidebar:  CB calls me a "Great Pirate"!)
 2/22/2011  NRS logging: "speaker said CB is not the same bunny" ( This was the first noted logging of a segment called "Paranoid News North".  The show made various charges about 'Commander Bunny': some seemingly absurd, like he 'works for the CIA'-- but others more troubling, particularly in retrospect: the speaker asserted that the motivation for CB's huge giveaways was the desire to amass a large collection of the names and addresses of pirate dxers and pirate operators-- now, this does seem to have been one big reason for it).  The video/audio of a logging of the segment was uploaded to Youtube on February 18, 2011.

2/27/2011 World of Pirates Relays posts about 'starting back up''-- and is never heard from again...
(but CB sockpuppet "Beans" calls them an 'old friend'?  Smells like some kind of setup, doesn't it?)

Bunny Mass-Emails NAMBLA Accusation Against Doc John
(March 3, 2011 Email From Commander Bunny):

You have been sent this email because you post on the FRN or have logged this station. You need to know the truth!

What is that old saying, "monkeys in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks"????

Well it turns out the Northern Relay Service, the monkey who has been spreading lies about me, is a convicted Child Molester and a big Magila in NAMBLA!

Apparently our little monkey boy loves the young boys and has a long criminal record and mucho jail time. This from a monkey who has been telling big bold faced lies about me!

Northern Relay Service is a Child Molester and NAMBLA Officer!

I would suggest that we resolve this situation amongst ourselves. We have been doing that in Pirate Radio for a long time. We don't run to the authorities, we fix it ourselves.

If you would like for Northern Relay Service to go away and leave us and our children alone:

1-don't post logs of his station
2-don't respond to his posts on FRN
3-don't communicate with him
4-keep your small children behind locked doors
5-give this bad monkey a very cold shoulder

Monkeys who live in Glass houses really shouldn't be throwing rocks at Commander Bunny!

This is not a joke, this is exactly what I have dug up on this nasty monkey!

WBNY Relay is on for a short time starting at 5PM Eastern time on 6300khz and 6900khz!
Pirates Week & Shrunken Head #5

during the weekend we'll also have Radio Junk, Metro Radio Intl and Voice of Next Thursday!

Amazing what happens when you start throwing rocks at me!

NAMBLA! Really! What a nasty, nasty monkey!

Commander Bunny

Interestingly enough, no one responded to that email-- or not for the entire email list to see, anyway.

I was quite taken aback at this... it really did not "ring true" with me at all, but I was at a disadvantage-- at this point, I still was not aware of how CB, through sockpuppets, had posted the same kind of charges against 'Spore' on the FRN, while also posting his name and address, before those posts were removed, late in 2009-- so I wasn't aware that this kind of thing had long been part of the rabbit's modus operandi. 

Something really smelled bad about this... and not just the subject matter. It made me extremely uncomfortable to see CB making a charge like this against another pirate radio operator-- to put it mildly.  Forced to investigate, I clicked on the NAMBLA link, to see whatever it was that it seemed we were supposed to see there,  (thanks alot for that, Murphy), as I first thought the link was included for some evidentiary purpose particular to his charge, and that Bunny wouldn't make such a completely, absurdly outrageous charge completely out of thin air, without at least having some kind of even poor evidence to back it up-- and there was NOTHING there... nothing that had any connection to his accusation, that's for sure. (At this time, I was still unaware of the 'Spore' incident where the "child molester" card was previously played, and that all these semi-active FRN characters who would show up to back his rhetorical plays were actually his sock-puppets...)

It was as a result of receiving this particular piece of 'nasty' foolishness which made me begin to realize that, in the matter of Northern Relay Service, perhaps Commander Bunny was not being, shall we say, entirely truthful about the whole matter?  Or maybe just call it what it was-- a vicious, if not particularly believable, smear job.... but that was only the beginning of this particular smear.

((An aside:  Having now practically relived this entire episode within my research, knowing what I know now, I now feel rather badly about myself-- that I stood by, and said nothing.  It just seemed so bizarre, I didn't know Doc John at all, and CB presumed to be a friend of mine, and it seemed to be "yet another pirate radio war" that I did not understand, and which I had every intention of staying out of-- but now I feel that I owe Doc John an apology-- I am sorry, Doc, for doing nothing and for saying nothing.  When the NAMBLA nonsense started, I should have stood up then, and said "ENOUGH!"  Instead, I took the 'safe route' at that juncture...
~ John Poet))

On March 5th, 'CB' sent another Email out to a limited list, reiterating "the truth" of the previous charges--and  in effect 'declaring victory' over Doc John, mistakenly believing Doc had 'run away' because he apparantly hadn't been on the air for a few days:


From: Commander Bunny
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 06:47:07 -0500
Subject: Interesting
To: redacted

Interesting how Northern Relay (Doc John) has vanished from the Pirate scene
since we found out about his criminal convictions of Child Molesting and his
holding an Officers position in NAMBLA!  Ever since we shared our findings
with you, he is Gone, poooof!

He came on the scene, throwing around lies about me, and WBNY's coverage and
history.  Pure outright bold faced lies.

Now when we tell the truth about him, he is gone!

Maybe he thinks you monkeys will forget and he'll come back in a couple of
months with some lame story but don't forget what he did.  He is a liar and
convicted Child Molester.

It just didn't make sense why he would come into Pirate Radio with a chip on
his should and gunning for Commander Bunny like he did.  But who knows why
pedophiles do what they do.  I suppose I should take it as a compliment that
a pedophile would dislike me so much.

Really does make you wonder, why some monkey who live in a glass house,
would be throwing rocks.

All of this highlights why you should elect me President of the United

Monkeys like this will be put in a box and dropped into the deepest trench
in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.  Never to be heard from again.  No wonder
he lives in Northwest territory!

Hopefully, we can get back to normal and forget he ever bothered us.  Also
of note, the FCC Busts started up when he came on the scene.  Coincidence?

Commander Bunny


CB Backpedals on NAMBLA Accusation, Claiming It Was A Rumor Read Off Of IRC Chat

3/09/2011 WBNY Relay Service noted attacking NRS, making NAMBLA accusations, complete with sockpuppet loggings.  Commander Bunny posted a response, claiming:

"We took information that we got off the IRC chat that said that Northern Relay Service "Doc John (Fever)" (not his real name) was in fact an officer in NAMBLA and had a long arrest record. Since Northern Relay had taken information from the very same source and broadcast it as fact about us, we felt it only fair to use the same source and give him a big dose of his own medicine." ~ Commander Bunny
Some of those who constantly lurk on that IRC channel checked their logs, and say that no such comments were ever made in that chat... so it would appear that this was just another lie, made to justify the first big lie by trying to "pass the buck".  Secondly, NRS had never been noted broadcasting anything that supposedly came from IRC-- that was the comment in the Email exchange Doc had with the sockpuppet "BobSmith".  Seems CB was getting mixed up on his particulars there-- nah, he just made that up as well, probably.
 3/19/2011 Now Known CB sockpuppet 'Mosby' Logging WBNY, repeats pedophile propoganda allegedly included in WBNY program.

NAMBLA smear-piece that CB included with his Email on 3/19/2011

3/20/2011 'Pat Murphy' logs himself (WBNY), and repeats sexual slander against Doc John/NRS.
(Gosh, Bunny, you usually tried to keep 'Pat' cleaner and 'above the battle' than you did here):

The smear-propoganda postcard below was actually reported as having been mailed out by Bunny to a few pirate dxers:

'CB' Starts New Attack Against NRS, Accuses Them Of 'Broadcasting Pirate Names & Addresses' While Willfully Misinterpreting an NRS Logging. Even After The Charge Is Disproven, CB & Socks Continue Same Line of Attack

On March 23rd 2011, 'Commander Bunny' initiated a new mass-email attack on Northern Relay Service, claiming that Doc was "broadcasting names and addresses" over the air. After receiving the email, I began to search loggings attempting to discern  what, if anything, this new attack was based upon.. and found it to have been an apparant misinterpretation of quotations in a logging posted on HF Underground here, to wit:

0207z: "...certain people in the pirate radio community... FRN... names, addresses..." *, some commentary but tough copy due to choppy fades on this remote.

It seemed pretty clear to me that this was a direct quote, that the listener's logging indicated that the station op had spoken the words "names, addresses"-- not that he was actually reading names and addresses out on the air. (This was apparently actually part of the "Paranoid News North" program noted in the Youtube video earlier, when the speaker, rather ironically, is talking about Commander Bunny's methods of amassing great numbers of "names, addresses"!)

Hoping to keep the whole situation from getting any worse, and thinking (hoping?) that this email attack could be the result of an "honest mistake" by Commander Bunny in interpreting the logging, I responded to the whole email list that this all looked like a mistake... and further down, Guise Faux replies with some "helpful information" and questions about some REAL "pirate outings" that had occurred on the FRN, and of which I had not previously been aware (and to which, he received no reply). In the meantime I contacted the poster to clarify the situation. (His clarification appears downthread from the log). The email thread appears below:

Commander Bunny to andreas, Andrew, Bad, Radio, Benson, captain, Captain, lceeintl, Ragnar, Erik, Edward, Guy, Greg, hsmith61, Henry, Ron, jtart, William, me, Yukon, Ken, Sea, Charlie, Lucifer, Sycko, Mechanic
show details Mar 23

This newbie Northern Relay has gone way past the line this time.

He is broadcasting peoples names, and giving out their addresses on the air. He thinks he's identified the people who are on air Pirates and broadcasting their names and home addresses.

Don't know what his problem is, don't care, but giving out peoples names and addresses not only subjects them to FCC raids, it exposes them to harm.

My suggestion is to avoid this asshat at all cost. Don't email him, don't post loggings of his station, don't encourage him in any way shape or form. Its one thing to dislike a pirate, its another thing to expose them to busts and problems. This guy doesn't belong in the pirate community. We've always taken care of problems within our own group.

This guy is a problem. A big problem.

He is being encouraged by a poster named "LEX" on HF Underground, so you know all the facts.

We've dealt with trouble makers in the past and if they are ignored, they go away. If you have a solution, you think will work, do it, for the sake of pirate radio and for the people who work hard to make it entertaining. This guy is simply on a personal vendetta to destroy everyone associated with the FRN, WBNY and anyone else he dislikes, which seems to be a large pool of pirate radio people.

Parody, making fun, is one thing, broadcasting peoples names and giving out their home addresses is another thing.

Commander Bunny

John Poet to Guy, Commander, andreas, Andrew, Bad, Radio, Benson, captain, Captain, lceeintl, Ragnar, Erik, Edward, Greg, hsmith61, Henry, Ron, jtart, William, Yukon, Ken, Sea, Charlie, Lucifer, Sycko, Mechanic
show details Mar 24

This is part of the log in question:

0207z: "...certain people in the pirate radio community... FRN... names, addresses...", some commentary but tough copy due to choppy fades on this remote.

Note that "names, addresses" is part of a quote attributed to the operator. My interpretation of this log is that he mentioned the words "names, addresses", rather than giving out names and addresses. Let's not jump to conclusions without some clarification of a log which was reported as rather poor reception...

-John Poet
The Crystal Ship

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 11:36 PM, Guy Fawkes wrote:

Greetings and Salutations, Commander Bunny,

As always, very enlightening and informative to hear from you.

Fascinating charges. Do you have a recording of this? I listened to
the NRS programme via a friend's remote receiver in upper N.E. Canada
and heard nothing like this. What I heard sounded like parodies and
satire, but I don't recall hearing anyone exposed by name and address.

Perhaps I missed certain details.

As KBOX does not participate on any radio related discussion forums I
may be unaware of certain customs involved. For example, is it
customary to instruct listeners regarding what they may or may not
log? In what way was NRS being "encouraged by a poster named "LEX" on
HF Underground"? I see only a fairly typical, if somewhat tediously
detailed, logging. My understanding from others is that he has been
considered a constructive participant in the free radio scene
(although rather too obsequious, if I'm correctly recalling the
communique with my friend and mentor at Dead Cat Radio). Perhaps I am
missing some salient details? At any rate, is the usual practice to
engage in shunning or disfellowshipping? If so, count me in.

These would, of course, be very serious accusations. I myself have
heard only one such incident of a free radio operator giving out names
and addresses and encouraging malfeasance against the named persons,
and that was during the summer of 2008 when Radio Jamba International,
perhaps unwittingly, exposed another pirate radio operator by giving
out his real name and home and work addresses. At the time I was
concerned that the operator might be exposed to a visit from the FCC,

but apparently he emerged unscathed so presumably all was forgiven and

Perhaps Kracker did not realize the target of his ire was a pirate
radio operator. In such case, it might be good practice to assume
that all participants in the free radio scene should be afforded the
same respect regarding anonymity and security, since none of us knows
everyone and everything they do in the hobby.

I also recall an incident on the FRN in late 2009 in which some
persons using the sobriquets "Beans" and "Mosby" apparently believed a
person nicknamed "Spore" had produced a parody of a WBNY programme, of
which they did not approve, so they exposed his real name, home
address and family member names and other details in an effort toward
shaming him into disclosing the source of the unapproved programme. I
believe that thread was later deleted.

There was also an incident in November of 2009 on the FRN in which a
member under the name "Official Press Release" appeared to have a
disagreement with Radio Ga-Ga regarding unintentional QRM and
identified the city from which Radio Ga-Ga broadcasts:

 (Link redacted... but the original post has never been removed)
.(Official Press Release: "We were heard in Germany and Norway this morning, but just because you didn't hear us in (city name) is no reason to get nasty and make false accusations!")

((It is pretty common knowledge on the FRN that "Official Press Release" is just another account used by 'Commander Bunny' for WBNY station announcements; but it appears here that Guise pretends not to know that... However, I was quite familiar with it-- but I had never seen this post before, where CB outed another Op's presumed actual city, or the other incidents Guise mentions~John Poet)

Considering the recent rumors of FCC activities it might be helpful to
edit that particular comment, which puts another pirate radio operator
at some risk.

If the operator for Northern Relay Service observed these instances of
exposing the identities of others in the free radio scene, perhaps he
mistakenly believed that it was normal and accepted practice and
merely followed the examples set by well respected veterans of free

But as you have noted in previous communications, few if any can
actually copy the low powered AM signal from NRS, so little or no harm
is done.

Regards and best wishes to all for a safe, happy and prosperous 2011!

Guy Fawkes
Instigator, Propagandist
KBOX, the all Boxxy, all the time station

Bad Andy to me, Guy, Commander, andreas, Andrew, Radio, Benson, captain, Captain, lceeintl, Ragnar, Erik, Edward, Greg, hsmith61, Henry, Ron, jtart, William, Yukon, Ken, Sea, Charlie, Lucifer, Sycko, Mechanic
show details Mar 25

Spore was an ass no way around it. What ever he got he asked for. Also I have never heard of Spore ever producing any shows or broadcasting anything. Spore was a short lived troll.

RJI was never told that the report he read was from a pirate op. The only way he knew was after the fact when the op gave himself away by being a f*cking nut case about it.

NRS did throw the first stone and made it a point that it was war.

Now for Lex he as always been a good guy, we just need to get him away from that Underpants crowd.

Bad Andy


Captain Ganja to Bad, me, Guy, Commander, andreas, Andrew, Radio, Benson, captain, lceeintl, Ragnar, Erik, Edward, Greg, hsmith61, Henry, Ron, jtart, William, Yukon, Ken, Sea, Charlie, Lucifer, Sycko, Mechanic
show details Mar 25

I hear ya, Bad Andy, on the report read on the air by RJI. It was the guy who's report was read that freaked out and revealed he was pirate after the fact. Kracker was not at fault there. I myself have read pirate ops reception reports on the air when they wrote in using only their real names and how was I supposed to know they were a pirate or not? But nobody ever complained. Heck, my own reports have been read on the air using my real name but my pirate name was never mentioned so that was all cool too. In fact I expected my reports might be read on air as that is a normal thing. Now if I wanted to send a report in my pirate name that might be read on the air so I could hide my location and real identity, I used my brain and handled it all through the box drops back in the day. Real simple procedure. LOL!

Also I agree about NRS starting a war. That's a given. But now Lex always also seemed like a good guy to me.. it's just that he fell in with the Underpants crowd like what was said. That's what I see too. Is just my opinion and maybe I am wrong, but it's what I feel here.

Well.. hope ya all have great weekend and best oof dx to ya all. Peace.


(End of Email thread)
After my email query to the original poster of the log, he posted the following clarification:

"*Note: I heard through the grapevine that someone misinterpreted part of my log, which reads "...certain people in the pirate radio community... FRN... names, addresses..."  Apparently someone misinterpreted this to mean that this NRS program was revealing names and addresses of people over the air.  This is incorrect.  I heard no names or addresses given out over the air."

CB Sends Mass Email, Makes Same Charges--- AGAIN.
Poet tries to talk some sense to him, via private email.

At this point, I felt that we had put that particular rumor to rest, and we would hear that charge no more. But, I was wrong.  Commander Bunny sent another mass-email on March 31st, and near the end basically repeats the same charge against NRS which has already been debunked.  Naturally, I had to reply to that, and took the exchange private from the email list to ask, in essence, 'what the hell do you think you're doing?'
(Within the exchange, there are certain comments I make about NRS which tend to agree with some points he has previously made... I made the statements, but they should be taken with a grain or perhaps a barrel of salt. Partly I was massaging his ego; and partly, I was still fooled along with most people about who had really started this feud.  Mostly I was trying to convince him that all of this was really unnecessary, and could possibly do irreparable harm to the North American pirate radio scene... and that I was not going to put up with him repeating these false charges against NRS.  I was rapidly losing patience, although it doesn't read that way...)

Commander Bunny via Email, March 30, 2011

((Redacted: some CB self promotion, notes about logs and transmitters, etc. This post is long enough already~JP))

Pirate Radio should be about having fun! Not about finger pointing, gossiping, rumor-mongering, and exposing pirates ID's and locations. Anyone doing that doesn't love pirate radio and not only isn't having fun, he's taking the fun out of it for everyone else. We've found over the past 40+ years, that if you ignore these asshats, they will go away. So don't post logs of their stations (NRS) (Northern Relay Service) and don't email them or support them in any way, shape or form. These are the kind of monkeys who will drive away the good pirates. Same thing happened to Alan Maxwell of KIPM. He was driven away by another Asshat who exposed his ID and location. What a shame. I'm still trying to get Maxwell to come back to Pirate Radio. Been working on him for close to 12-years now. Driven away by the same kind of crap this guy Northern Relay is doing to me and others. Pirate Radio is fun. Avoid and boycott the asshats who take the fun out of it.

Pirate Radio should be fun, so lets ignore the asshats and have some fun. They can't stop us from having fun!

Commander Bunny

John Poet to Commander


Why are you repeating stuff which has now been denied by the listener that made the log in the first place? Or are you unaware of that fact?

It now appears that the op was talking about episodes in the past where some ops had given out "names and addresses", and that is what he was talking about.

Note posted by logger on log in question:

*"Note: I heard through the grapevine that someone misinterpreted part of my log, which reads "...certain people in the pirate radio community... FRN... names, addresses..." Apparently someone misinterpreted this to mean that this NRS program was revealing names and addresses of people over the air. This is incorrect. I heard no names or addresses given out over the air."

Whatever else may be said about the guy, what you keep saying apparantly DID NOT HAPPEN.

And this request of yours to "not post logs" of this station, is leading to FRN attacks on listeners who do. I really hate to see this happen, for a feud between stations to cause attacks by listeners on each other.

At least this isn't posted on the board, but others are taking it there... and it really isn't productive.

BTW, I don't seem to be getting you very good (or at all) since you've been using these little TXes. I suppose I'm too far off and/or have bad timing.

- Show quoted text -
John Poet
The Crystal Ship


Commander Bunny to John Poet

I suppose I'm just tired of being attacked by the NRS asshat. I wonder how you'd handle some newbie coming in, tearing you apart every time he goes on the air.

I think Cos has taken care of it, as a lot of other stuff has been going on where they are giving him shit too, so its not just me, they are attacking everyone and anyone one. You're buddy LEX isn't as innocent as he seems.

he posted,
Is It Truly Possible for the FRN to become Worthless?
« on: December 07, 2010, 1850 UTC »

So Lex, then Fansome pushing NRS who is attacking me, then they start harrassing Cos all at the same time and like Cos I"m sick of dealing with these asshats.

But again, I have to wonder how you would handle someone repeating lies about you on the air, and attacking you? Think long and hard about it before you answer.

I'm pretty sure the thread Cos started will end this crap as they have been exposed.
(Reference to "Asshattery" FRN thread- linked further down~ JP)

I saw your post on the HFU about "poking the rabbit" so clearly you see it too.

I just want to have fun too, and have had enough of this Northern Relay.

I'm in the process of moving and have only had on antenna up and the Linear packed and the only thing I"ve got is the Grenade, Corsair and now the Rum-Runner. Once I"m moved I'll have the big guns back up.

Look I don't take your email as an attack. I understand where you are coming from. You're sick of it too.

It just doesn't make sense, this NRS guy coming in, flat out, with one objective, attack me! I think now that everyone is seeing what is going on, it will fade away and be nothing more than an annoying memory. I'm going to be taking a much lower profile and relaying shows, producing new ones and sending out QSL's.

So what does a pirate op do when he gets attacked by some newbie who wants to be a big shot?

Commander Bunny

John Poet to Commander
show details Mar 31

I don't see how anything they say can particularly hurt your standing.... and some of this stuff is so artless as to be funny. I don't think anyone takes them very seriously, they obviously have some kind of vendetta, but its stupid of them to attack the guy that's been "giving away the store". That won't do much for them.

If someone attacked me on the air, I suppose it would depend on the nature of the attacks. I might find it funny that they spent so much effort on me.

I am sorry if I don't seem particularly sympathetic. I just don't want to see people I feel undeserving lumped in with NRS and driven away.

John Poet
The Crystal Ship
Email Exchange ends

"Asshattery" on the FRN (the actions, not the post);  Disappearing Logs, Disappearing Posts And Disappearing FRN Members

It was about this time that some loggings of NRS, posted on the FRN, even by as distinguished a member of the pirate radio community as Andy Yoder, were made to disappear (but were still accessible via Google cache-- this is how we know).  I contacted Yoder to make sure that he hadn't, for some odd reason, deleted the log himself... and he replied that he had not.  The disappearing logs dovetailed with CB's announced "policy" that no one should post NRS loggings-- along with pressure applied upon certain members who did.

I can't say for sure who deleted the loggings-- but I suspect 'Pat Murphy' aka 'Commander Bunny'-- who very obviously still has the ability to delete FRN posts at will, and still has the administrative tools available to him that he had from his years as administrator of the FRN forum-- and which should have been surrendered a long, long time ago.  (Sorry, we aren't going to rebuy that oft-repeated fairy tale about "board glitches that only eat the posts that Commander Bunny wants eaten".  Huh?  What?)

Another NRS logging "disappeared" from the FRN

 When I learned that this was happening, it reminded me of the post made on HFUnderground a few months earlier, and which CB referenced in the previous emails, "Is it possible for the FRN to become completely worthless?"  Oh, the irony.  (Loggings deleted?!  ENOUGH!  This was the episode which caused me to begin seriously looking into the matter of establishing a new pirate radio forum, which eventually resulted in the founding of the Free Radio Cafe.)

It may have been sometime during this same period when certain usernames were quietly deleted from the FRN, along with any of their 'dissenting' posts they had made.  'Northern Relay Service' was one; others were people suspected of being associates of his, or accused of being sockpuppets (by CB or his allies), or newer members who had the nerve to speak out publicly on his behalf on the FRN, or to point out inconsistancies in the propoganda of 'Commander Bunny'.  The result was that any information on Northern Relay Service appearing on the FRN was an extremely one-sided affair consisting almost exclusively of the Bunny's narratives on the matter-- because any organized dissent had been "eliminated"!

(The same kind of account deletions are continuing to happen on the FRN to this day-- only now it's people like 'The Poet' and 'Pigmeat' and other members of the ever-expanding "Commander Bunny Enemies List" who are 'no longer registered' on the FRN because their accounts have been deleted.  Care to comment, Cosmik?   Do you even know about this, Cosmik?  I look forward to your answer...)

Fansome's "Support NRS" post on HFU provokes Cosmik's "Asshattery (the post)" FRN thread.  CB Sock 'Beans' repeats debunked charges; CB offers to send Doc's "emails" to Poet as evidence...

On March 28th, Al Fansome made an HFU post supporting NRS, which also gets in some digs at The Bunny:,4532.0.html

The Fansome post provoked the "Asshattery" on the FRN (the post, not the admin tool actions!).  At this point, the FRN administrator 'CosmikDebris' had clearly bought everything that CB had to say on the matter of NRS, hook line and sinker-- even repeats the CB catchphrase about "who is doing their best to destroy shortwave pirate radio".  (Not your best moment, Cosmik-- I hope you don't mind me saying so.  But since it now seems pertinent, I'd like to ask-- was it YOU who actually deleted the NRS loggings noted above?  Or was that done without your knowledge?)

In the above thread, CB's sockpuppet 'Beans' pipes up to repeat, yet again, the debunked charge that NRS had been broadcasting pirate ops' names and addresses (his post was among some that CB deleted when these socks were later outed, but quotes of his post remain:

"NRS has been broadcasting peoples names that he thinks are pirate operators, over the air. This can only lead to good pirate ops being busted and hurt pirate radio. This isn't funny, it isn't a game, and its killing pirate radio." ~ Beans

I responded that this charge had already been debunked, asked that loggers not be attacked, that this kind of BS was going to drive away listeners, etc.  But.. 'Beans' remarks reminded me how CB didn't want to seem to let go of the charges, even when disproven, and had continued to use them, and here his friend 'Beans' was doing the same... and gosh, some of the phrasing seems awful familiar, doesn't it?  "Good pirate ops"?  "Killing pirate radio"?  WHO talks like that??!!  I think it was this "asshattery" thread which brought about my "lightbulb moment" about "Beans" and CB's sock-puppets... "Asshattery on the FRN", INDEED!!!

I was familiar with the concept of sockpuppets, of course-- had even spent a great deal of time on a forum in which I was previously involved, outing and in fact, prosecuting sockpuppets to get them banned (there had to be a 'trial' and a vote of members to eliminate sockpuppeters--only we had a different name for them)... but all that was within a 'game' where fake members could be used to inflate "scores" and thus "win the game".  Hadn't really everoccurred to me that sockpuppets would be used on a forum like the FRN, why would anybody bother to do that?  so I never bothered to look for them... but, once I opened my eyes and began to look, OH the revelations!  And OH, what elementary mistakes someone was making!!  But, we'll have to get back to the sockpuppet terminations in a later post..

Probably the most important thing that happened in the "asshattery" thread, was where Commander Bunny offered to produce for me those Emails from Doc John which he'd referred to so often...

"He came on the pirate scene attacking me about 2-months ago. Why? who knows? He has been repeating the gossip and lies that are floating on the IRC chat by the asshats who want people to think they know everything. The LIE about me not being Commander Bunny, the LIE about me "commercializing pirate radio" (I have the emails where he makes these claims if you want to see them POET).." ~ C. Bunny

The only problem was, he'd apparently forgotten that those emails had actually been sent to his sockpuppet alias "BobSmith"! Or maybe it wasn't supposed to be taken as a serious offer, but only more overblown rhetoric. The problem for 'Commander Bunny' was, I took the offer seriously, and, wanted to get to the bottom of matters and finally see for myself what all this hubbub was really all on April 1st, I asked CB to send me those emails...

No, what I said just before was wrong.  I didn't ask to see the emails so that I could 'see what it was all about'.

I asked to see the emails because, by this time, I strongly suspected that such emails had never existed-- and were just another one of 'Commander Bunny's growing list of lies about this NRS matter.

(Turns out I was wrong about them never existing-- but I was right in guessing that they didn't exist in the form which he claimed-- and I was correct in guessing that I would not be seeing any such emails of Doc's forwarded to me from Commander Bunny any time soon... since, as it turned out, they were never sent to "Commander Bunny" in the fist first place)

Commander Bunny ignored this request of mine for five days--- no doubt thinking to himself, "OOPS!"

 As it turned out, he spent the five days formulating a 'new strategy' against NRS, an "I'm not going to participate further.  I'm done." strategy-- which would conveniently  allow him to forget about forwarding those emails, if I asked for them again, as well.  It was published in the "Why can't we all just get along (and have fun)?" FRN thread.

Unfortunately, his sock-puppet 'Beans', which I now recognized as such, didn't seem to have gotten the memo, and kept harping on the matter... again, his post here was deleted when CB later deleted the account, but you can still see the quotes, and my response-- subtle, but I thought that he C.B. would get the message between the lines... 

He didn't.  He just couldn't leave "well enough" alone...

'Duality'?   Yeah, you could call it that...
 Looks like DocJohn was hip to CB's sock-puppets pretty quickly.

So CB's sock-puppet Beans continued to attack NRS, and attack people who would post logs of NRS.  "Good cop-bad cop".  Uh huh.  This attempt to "have things both ways" was the final tip-off to me about CB's use of sockpuppets on the FRN...

....and then I began to remember those other characters who always seemed to materialize on the Bunny's behalf, and started taking a look at them... and the things they had done there... outing people, posting personal information, abusing, bullying and intimidating other forum members...

...and then I knew that I had to do something about it.  It was then that I realized, that me and 'Commander Bunny' were finished.


If you got this far, Thanks for sticking with me and wading through this swamp. This post has taken forever to complete... but there was a lot of ground to cover.  I hope this has brought you further enlightenment on the actual origins of this "pirate radio war of 2011"-- and who really started it, and when.

I will continue the narrative of the 'pirate radio war of 2011', with my outing of CB's major FRN sock-puppets:  

 If I don't make it back before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL!
I hope you find what you want in your stoc----- wait,  scratch that. 

May the holidays bring you joy and fulfillment!  There, that's better!

~ John Poet



  1. I got this e-mail from CB back in March . Knowing what I know now I for sure wish I hadn't gone along with his anti NRS campaign . The FRN owes DOC JOHN an apology !!! CB had the nerve to accuse him of child molesting AND busting WEAK RADIO !! What a prick.

    Interesting how Northern Relay (Doc John) has vanished from the Pirate scene since we found out about his criminal convictions of Child Molesting and his holding an Officers position in NAMBLA! Ever since we shared our findings with you, he is Gone, poooof!

    He came on the scene, throwing around lies about me, and WBNY's coverage and history. Pure outright bold faced lies.

    Now when we tell the truth about him, he is gone!

    Maybe he thinks you monkeys will forget and he'll come back in a couple of months with some lame story but don't forget what he did. He is a liar and convicted Child Molester.

    It just didn't make sense why he would come into Pirate Radio with a chip on his should and gunning for Commander Bunny like he did. But who knows why pedophiles do what they do. I suppose I should take it as a compliment that a pedophile would dislike me so much.

    Really does make you wonder, why some monkey who live in a glass house, would be throwing rocks.

    All of this highlights why you should elect me President of the United States!

    Monkeys like this will be put in a box and dropped into the deepest trench in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Never to be heard from again.

    Hopefully, we can get back to normal and forget he ever bothered us. Also of note, the FCC Busts started up when he came on the scene. Coincidence?

    Commander Bunny

  2. So, you can't turn your back on the Bunny/Graves/Thumper etc., because it gives him a perfect target.
    The Commander Keyboard Pounder and his Circle of Jerks must have learned their lessons from the play "Julius Caesar". Et Tu, Bunny??

  3. like you realized
    he was crappin in your mouth and calling pudding

    bet the bad taste will stay with you for awhile

  4. No need for the apology John I never once for a second thought you were part of the rabbit gestapo.
    This is a great story when seeing it all put together. You have really done your homework !! Its great to see it down in writing for all posterity.Hats off and great work.

    Of coarse I am a little biased.

    Doc John

  5. Doc John,

    I have actually wanted to tell this story for a long time...

    Glad I finally got around to actually doing it.

  6. Thanks for posting this Poet.

    It's unfortunate that Pat deluded himself as being the 'protector' of pirate radio from those he thought were his 'enemies' to go so far a being the aggressor against other pirates.

    Pirate radio has always been free of control both internally & externally. Anyone that believes otherwise is in for a reality shock.

  7. Anonymous said...@December 22, 2011 6:57 AM

    "unfortunate" you really think that
    "deluded" no he lost his frickin mind after his accident things went haywire in his brain must have hit his head if you didn't do it his way you were a enemy target or you were kept under control to a certain extent after all he had your info from the frn
    the pirate war of 2011 or any other year it seems are only highlights that you and others have noticed but alas the truth is very hard to find if not impossible true history has disappeared
    think outside the box-..
    Monkeys like this will be put in a box and dropped into the deepest trench in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Never to be heard from again..- does this quote say if you speak out against him you deserve to die ? basically . now here is a funny one that fits right in with poets write up on a LITTLE history
    ..-Welcome to The Grapevine Pirate Shortwave
    This place is for discussion of free radio, unlicensed, illegal and pirate radio,
    usually relating to shortwave bands but also may include FM or broadcast band operations.
    These broadcasters often work outside the law and violate FCC regulations in the process.
    Supporting this form of free speech is why the FRN came to be and what the FRN was originally all about..-
    at one time that may have been true but not anymore - Supporting this form of free speech is what the FRN was originally all about.- stress the word WAS

  8. merry christmas poet, stand tall man!!!!

  9. Good grief. I had no idea I was so popular behind the scenes.

    Reminds one of the good old days of Cold War era DXing, and those cozy chats with the State Department over why we received QSLs from Russia and Cuba. Always felt so much better to get those handcuffs, hospital gowns and electric leads off, relax at home and soak ones testicles in ice water while enjoying our QSL cards and letters from Ivan and Fidel.

  10. the FRN is giving out Christmas presents


    The Script/Exploit is not a virus, is it a heuristic scan warning, that there is a file on your computer which is able to use a security hole. It is necessary for such a program to have rights to change the Windows registry settings, and the program gets these rights by a dirty trick. This script does not contain any destructive action. If such a file is present on your computer, it is necessary to delete this file to avoid any further security damage done to your computer.

    i will not darken my screen with it's EVIL presence again
    The FRN is the DEVIL,s phone booth


  11. I have been following this whole war pretty closely and would like to make an observation.

    NOT ONCE has Commander Bunny ever denied the allegations that he tried to get Doc John busted . In all his 50-60 blarg rants ,even after the Radio Paranoia story Bob Smith and Doc John .

    Funny huh?

  12. Doc John maybe wasn't even the first one... and that's not counting 'Radio Bob'

  13. of course he didn't because it is all true
    Doc John maybe wasn't even the first one... no he wasn't and more than likely not the last

    good one LEX i think one of them has a secret crush on you after all you posted that neat article about the FRN being worthless that was a headline around the time you posted that and to think they thought you posted that about the Furry Rodent Nuthuggers instead of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE being worthless hell the Furry Rodent Nuthugger site isn't worth that much with the ASSHATTERY that has been going on that site it should be SHUT DOWN

  14. 'Asshats' need a place to stay, too...

    Better to keep them contained within their own 'asshattery' site, methinks-- otherwise they'd be out bothering the rest of us. So far I haven't had to deal with sock-puppets on the FRC-- except for the one who chose to email me directly, "Lovemyradios", anxious to find out 'when The Crystal Ship would be on the air next'. Gosh, that sounds familiar, where have I read something like that before....?


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