September 10, 2011

Commander Bunny's "Email-Factory Hypocricy" an Embarassment to North American Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
by The Radical

 So let me get this straight, a rabbit person big liar complaining about “Internet personalities” in their blog does not strike only me as hypocrisy?

  Of course, hypocrisy and the Commander have been wedded for a long time, probably waiting for their anniversary gifts to arrive in the mail.

  Out of one side of his mouth, he talks about "Pirate Radio needs to be fun", longing
nostalgically for the time when he was influential and considered reputable. Out of the
other side of his mouth, he tells those who remind the Commander of his current acts of
disreputable behavior to either stop their crying or kill themselves. Yep, those
rollicking fun times are fun, as long as it involves kissing the Commander’s keister!

  When my friend John Poet caught the Commander in the act of sock puppetry, instead of taking responsibility for his actions, even when caught fist deep in the cotton, he
attempts to lie, deny and distract. I guess this is the standard operating procedure for a
former Free Radio Legend (in his own mind!), who has lost a large amount of his fan base, as well as any grasp of reality.

  The inability to accept his culpability in the sock puppet affair led the Bunny to perform
the ultimate act of treason in the Pirate Radio community:
Ratting out someone to the F.C.C. (Ironic that a Revolting Rodent would rat anyone out!)

  In order to cover his furry tracks, he attempts to create "doctored emails" that would indict an innocent person.   I guess, this is more of that nostalgic “fun” that the Bunny wishes for in his fantasy world.

  When caught again in a trap of his own making, the Commander, instead of admitting this transgression, calls his critics crybabies and whiners while further disgracing the
Pirate Radio scene with his actions: he continues to claim that a certain DXer made a
complaint to the FCC about TCS, even though the posted Email has been irrefutably proven fake about a half-dozen ways.  (Now, that is really embarassing!)

  The Commander proclaims these advocates for truth to be "keyboard pounders" and
"merchants of hate".  Of course, this screed is posted on his blog--- you know, his
personal web log where he invites his critics to hang themselves. Now, if that is not
selling hatred, what is?   It is the continued separation of the Bunny from reality and the
making of the Commander into an  Internet personality internet self-parodied "internet personality".

'Commander Bunny' Makes a Monkey of Himself


  1. He's always been disreputable. Any one who thinks differently never got to know the guy. Pure sleaze and duplicity are the Murphy game.

  2. The Bunny just posted his rules for pirate broadcasting on his blog. One of them was,"never broadcast from home.",which is good advice,yet he nearly always broadcasts from the home place in Norfolk. Another was "Always use low power." Interesting comment from a guy who regularly uses his Grenade to drive a linear amp.

    After years of living a couple of miles from an FCC Field Office,broadcasting regularly,you think they would have put an end to his op years ago? I wonder what Patty M's real secret for avoiding the FCC is?

    Maybe a diligent neighbor will call them on that character the next time WBNY or one of it's clones goes on the air causing TVI all over the neighborhood with his Grenade and linear amp? We can only hope.

  3. 'Never broadcast from home'?

    Perhaps he means, 'broadcast from your girlfriend's house'.


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