September 14, 2011

What the Murphy-Graves-Bunny Doesn't Tell You About 'The Rules of Pirate Radio Broadcasting' Can Hurt You!

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
by The Radical

When the radio pirate former radio pirate  Commander Bunny (aka Pat Murphy, aka Jerry Michael Graves) talks about the 'rules of Pirate Radio Broadcasting', Bun-Bun left out a few things:

1) Never give your home address to a rodent.  When you order a t-shirt or receive freebies from a certain “legendary” pirate, beware of a Bunny bearing gifts. After all, if you catch the Commander in a sock puppet or a lie, he has your address and is not afraid to turn you into the Federal Communications Commission. Not out of spite or jealousy, but just to keep the airwaves clear for the professional keyboard pounders... er, bloggers... uh, internet celebrities!

2) Always complain about your critics in your blog, which you use in such a self-loathing way.  Yes, the King of the Keyboards likes to pretend to hate his web log, but that is the only way he can keep screaming in the wind. Especially, when his version of fun involves continuously lying, denying,  libeling and projecting while accusing the critics of being pedophiles or inviting them to kill themselves. So, Commander, again I ask, tell me about the "good ol’ days" of pirate radio broadcasting!

3) Ask yourself this question:  If a Grenade goes off in the woods,  does anybody hate hear you?  That is, somebody  who is not your sock puppet or a voice in your head?  I am sure, since you despise the internet,  you would not dream of using it to promote yourself-- like on a blog, which you hate---  and would never use to promote hate!!

4) Be sure to use large font and lots of pictures in your journal. I mean, after all, the intelligence of your average rabbit is around that of your average houseplant. So use large font and lots of pictures to entertain yourself when publishing your blog (which you hate-- like yourself). Besides, that means, you can repeat the same message over and over for your self-amusement-- especially since comments are closed own your blog (which you hate!) and parroting yourself makes your web log a pleasure to read! (Second verse, same as the first!)

So, if you consider these helpful pointers, maybe you, too, may make a successful foray into pirate radio broadcasting.   Or maybe even become a North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame member  (if enough people forget about the other things you've done over the past couple years)!


1 comment:

  1. " the intelligence of your average rabbit is around that of your average houseplant"

    Naw, I'm pretty sure that the intelligence of the average houseplant is much higher.


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