May 14, 2011

Recent shortwave reception reports from listeners of The Crystal Ship

Kracker sent us another graphical love note-- via the FRN, before it was deleted.  Guess he didn't like my comment, "That all you got?"

(Just in case you don't get it-- that's supposed to be 'The Crystal Ship' sinking...)

(Notice on listener email: We will be posting some listener mails/reception reports on our blog at from time to time.

Any listener addresses, callsigns and the like, and last names of any female reporters, and anything else deemed sensitive information will be removed before posting. And of course, if you specifically ask that it not be used, it won't be published.

I don't need anybody's mailing address anyway for the time being, as we are only eQSLing for the immediate future.......

April 25, 2011

6815.6 AM The Crystal Ship w/60's rock including a Bob Dylan

"The Times They Are a Changin'" at :39

:42 ID by John Poet, and by a computer generated female voice

w/the email address etc at :42 -- 'turn on, tune in and drop

out' sound bite at :43 and into Small Faces "Itchycoo Park".

:46 "(If You're) Going to San Francisco" Scott MacKenzie

:49 A song I didn't recognize

:51 "Journey to the Center of your Mind" by Amboy Dukes (nothin

like Detroit Rock -- and Nugent never did anything this

good solo!)

:54 Theme from Underdog ... (not bird nor plane, nor even frog!)

:55 ID by female computer voice and an 'ad' for

:58 "Hair" by the Cowsills

0101 "Condition" by Supergrass (?) --you're deep into the

psychodelic druggie stuff here ... only vaguely familiar!

:03 "Let's live for today" The grass roots

:07 The Guess Who "Undun"

:11 female computer ID and 'turn on, tune in and drop out'

then into "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" Iron Butterfly

:16 Another song I didn't recognize

:19 1910 Fruitgum Company "Simon Says"

:23 OM echo ID by John Poet

and into bubble gum rock "Chewy Chewy"

:26 "Yummy Yummy Yummy" (I never realized how

similar those two songs are -- and how racey!)

:28 "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies

by which time the static had gotten worse, and I gave up!

SINPO 3544+4 and degrading to 35343- by 0125 -- perfect but

for the static crashes! Heard from 0037-0130 and it was on

before and after those times as well... . The stations was

VERY slowly drifting down-to 6815.5 by :0121. 25/Apr --Zichi

ken zichi


Greetings John Poet,

I listened to your broadcast yesterday and your signals were very strong. Here are details of what I heard. Please send me a QSL card or email to confirm that I heard your station.

The Crystal Ship

6815.50 AM

SINPO 45344 - Great Audio with a few static crashes

April 25, 2011 0105 - 28z GMT

0105 - music, Grassroots; Let's Live for Today

0107 - music, Guess Who; She's Come Undone

0110 - ID, "You're listening to The Crystal Ship" (female announcer)

0111 - music, Iron Butterfly; In A Gadda Da Vita

0116 - music, I keep Remembering? (you got me on this one)

0118 - music, Clap Your Hands in the Air? (got me again)

0120 - music, Indian Giver? (my mind is failing me)

0123 - ID, "You are tuned to TCS (male announcer)

0126 - music, Ohio Express; Yummy

0128 - music, Archies; Sugar, Sugar (easy one)

I was using the following equipment to receive your broadcast: Icom 756Pro3 transceiver and an 40-meter Carolina Windom wire antenna, 60 feet long strung between 3 trees 40 feet high. The antenna is oriented NE – SW. My digital noise reduction was set for 35%; the bandwidth filter was set to 6.0 khz and I turned off all stages of pre-amplification (0 dB's). You signal actually read S7-8 with a S4 noise level. Your signal stayed relatively stable with not much fading.

Thank you for the show and I look forward to hearing you on the radio again!

Gene Patterson


I hadn't heard you for quite a while, but have really enjoyed your last two broadcasts (I'm currently listening to you on 6815 AM Apr 25 from 0104 UTC tune-in; just saw your post on the DXLD Yahoo group). Signal strength in the Buffalo NY area is very good (despite lots of static tonight), with excellent modulation (my receiver is a Kenwood TS-570, fed by a 160-meter (low) dipole). I really enjoy the music you play; we may be contemporaries, since the bubble-gum music you're playing now sure brings back memories! Your broadcast from 0030 UTC on Apr 22 (0050 tune-in) was great too; hadn't heard "Radio Gaga" in ages, and my husband and I loved the scholarly lecture on what may indeed be the most versatile word in the English language. Thanks for airing real alternative radio, and I wish you all success in 2011 and beyond. (Oh boy--"Him or Me" by Paul Revere and the Raiders--with Mark Lindsay doing his best to sound British!)

Very 73,



  1. Kracker didn't realize that it was really a picture of The Crystal Submarine about to torpedo him.

  2. Yes, art is all about one's "interpretation," isn't it?

    "Ready torpedo tubes one and two!"


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