May 1, 2011

It's great to have so many adoring fans...

... one of them even cared enough to IMMORTALIZE me on SSTV!  This is our FIRST SSTV appearance, and I didn't have to lift a finger!  (Good thing, because that is beyond my experience level)

Isn't that wolf just the best?

Thanks for the attention, pal, whoever you are-- I LOVE IT!
-- but I recommend you outsource  the 'message' next time, get someone who can take the insults beyond the sixth-grade level.... This just makes you look, well, kinda stupid.


  1. He must have outsourced it, there aren't any of his usual spelling errors.

  2. Now,now..... Take it it easy on Kracker. Short,drunk,and stupid is a terrible way to go through life.


    Some people should stick with what they know: Unfunny stoner humour at the expense of a hapless guy with Asperger's syndrome from Mt. Crisco. With anything else it's like sharpening a crayon - some guys will never get the fine points.

    Before attempting Courage Wolf or any other lame meme that stopped being funny two years ago, at least study a few good examples first.

  4. Well, before the Furiously Rabid Network derailed, there we're relatively few independent and active pirate blogs to choose from.

    Since the diaspora, it's like a buffet!

    Feels like that first fresh breeze after a powerful thunderstorm, the sort that cleanses the air and electrifies the atmosphere.

    Blogs, in my opintion, are the next logical complement of Free Radio, where free speech and thought prevails intimidation and lulz, keep up the great work!

  5. To "anon" re: meme bandwagon

    I guess I missed all that. From the timeframe, looks like I had my head inside a couple of transmitters... or was busy raising one of the four transmitting antennas I eventually had at the last QTH... I don't recall seeing that particular wolf before.


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