April 7, 2011

TCS Wages 'CLASS WARFARE' in The Radical's latest 'Shots From The Portside'

by The Radical
(First Aired late March 2011, part of our 'Class Warfare' show)

The Republican Party, when asked about their sense of entitlement to the greater share of the social wealth, accuse those who pose this inquiry as “waging class war”. These plutocrats , while sitting on their bags of gold, attempt to dismiss that line of questioning with that catch phrase , as an attempt to conceal their greed and to divert the attention away from their nefarious aims.

The concept of The Golden Rule to the G.O.P. and their ilk boils down to the old saw “ those with all the gold make all the rules”. And when the working class and the middle class attempt to either gain a greater share of the social wealth or protect their current share of the social wealth, the ruling class attempt to protect their piles of gold gained from the exploitation of the workforce , by using verbal camouflage , pointing their collective fingers at the working and middle classes and calling them “greedy” as they wrap their arms protectively around their ill-gotten gain.

And, of course, when a company is failing this policy of Ruling Class’ Golden Rule is reinforced by the execution of the exit strategy. The workers, who are blamed for corporate failure, when dismissed from their occupation, are given a pink slip. This pink slip ends their ability to earn their wages and terminates their participation in any benefit program. Thus, the worker is cast aside with the pink slip with no thought about their family, and no concerns about their economic future.

But, when an executive. who bungles in the creation, the execution and the administration of corporate policy, is dismissed from their position, they are given a golden parachute. The business honchos, who are responsible for the mismanagement of the company, are protected of the ravages of economic failure with a cash pay off and , in some cases, an assurance of insurance. The corporate weasels will protect their own, while callously dismissing those who only executed the flawed business plan without a second thought

So, when the words “class warfare’ are used by the right-wing elite, they must remember who really fired the first shots in this skirmish. The ruling class tries to distract the attention from their economic crimes against the working and middle classes, by hiding their own avarice with this phrase. Instead, it is time for the Proletariat to remind these coveting Conservatives, that class warfare may be named from above, but that true class struggle will come from below; and when the revolution comes, their blood will not be golden but a glorious shade of red!!!

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