April 18, 2011

'Royal Wedding'? Or a 'Royal Pain'? Royal parasites suck lifeblood out of host, says The Radical

By The Radical

I don't get it. What is this fascination with a royal wedding??

I remember the Summer after my community college graduation, all of these people were excited about the Royal Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer. People were attempting to catch naps the day before to be awake early in the morning to watch the royal nuptials. When I pointed out how much these festivities were costing the British people, I was deemed a 'sourpuss' and an 'anti-romantic'.

Well, here I go again. The Royal Family has been sucking at the British Public Teet for a long time. The thing to remember, is that royalty is only symbolic in the current scheme of things in British Government. So, once again, the taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for this spectacle despite the state of the British economy. I would think the citizenry would rise up and follow the lead exercised by their French cousins across the Channel and remove these Royal parasites with the use of sharp steel.

Or at least, if they are going to continue to use the House of Windsor as a symbol, change the Coat-Of-Arms to a truly meaningful symbol of the role of the modern British Royal Family by including leeches and lampreys. These creatures are known to suck the life blood out of their hosts, and with Queen Elizabeth II's worth estimated at 100 Million Pounds, these lampreys and leeches should both be enswollened, as well as have blood dripping out of their mouths. Guess I'm just an anti-romantic sourpuss!!


  1. But you gotta admit... the bride-to-be is a nice bit... >:-)

  2. Yes, pictures. 'Know what I mean, know what I mean?'

  3. It's often been said (although I haven't seen the actual numbers) that the royals generate more in tourism for the UK than they cost.

    That said, I'm not sure how The Framers would feel about Americans spending their money to see a bunch of inbred British royalty.

  4. More proof there is no God.

    A just God would have ordered a comet strike on Westminster Abbey just as they said "I do".


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