April 6, 2011

Recent reception reports sent to The Crystal Ship

These reception reports were recently received by the shortwave radio pirate, The Crystal Ship.  Reports are confirmed by eQSL.  Send all reception reports with a 'new title' to tcsshortwave@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Poet,
The Crystal Ship put a nice signal into eastern Pennsylvania on 6816 AM Sunday. Using a Drake R8 and a dipole cut for 6955, your signal was S-7 or S-8 above S-5 noise. And, it was noisy! I wrote this at about 0945 EST Monday morning, after a round of thunderstorms rolled through. Likely, the noise last night (UTC) was from that storm. Regardless the noise, the words and music were clear and sharp and production values were excellent. That's the way to do pirate radio! (Or, commercial radio...)

Thanks to a post on the Grapevine, I tuned in at about 2246 UTC on 27 February and listened until 2321 when I broke for dinner. Returning at 0023 on 28 February, I found that The Crystal Ship was still on the air and I then listened until 0050 when you signed off. While I listened to the closing sequence I, for the first time, realized that the music was "Freedom of the Airwaves."

Thanks for the Dylan tunes. It's been a long time since I heard "The Times They Are A Changin'" and "It Ain't Me Babe." Bobbie was in his (commercial) prime when I was in college and I listened to his work many times. If only I had a working turntable, I could dig out the vinyl. There is always Amazon, I guess.

Damn you for Green Tambourine! I woke up this morning with the tune running through my head and it is still wandering around in there!
I enjoyed the old music; thanks for the broadcast,

Ron Hunsicker

Hello Poet,

I received your e-mail notification that you would be on the air Sunday evening and managed to catch a nice segment of your program! Thanks for the heads up; consequently I posted the logging on the FRN Vines and now follow up with a reception report. It was good to hear you on this new frequency, which provided some decent reception and excellent programming for me to enjoy! Here are some details from 27 February 2011, from 2336 to 0010 hours UTC on 6816 AM:

2336 UTC- “Soldier Boy,” by the Shirelles (wow, that brought back a lot of memories!) in this segment of your program focusing on the Vietnam Era

2342 UTC- another musical selection, “Big Son of a Gun”

2348 UTC- female vocals singing “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”

2352 UTC- “Eve of Destruction”

2355 UTC- news clip of the peace accord agreement to end the Vietnam War, with Henry Kissinger mentioned

2356 UTC- station ID: “You are tuned to The Crystal Ship,” “You are listening to The Crystal Ship,” followed by your e-mail address

2357 UTC- one of my all time favorite selections was played here, Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love.” Gracie Slick had some kind of voice!

0000 UTC- “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” by Nancy Sinatra (Just no talent and delivery like her father).

0003 UTC- “Happy Together” was played

Great selection of songs here, Poet, to brighten up my Sunday evening. Many thanks!

Reception conditions at my location (20 miles due west of NYC) were fair, but readable on this frequency. My SINPO=35333. There was a significant amount of atmospheric noise on the bands tonight, resembling a summer’s evening. Hmm.

Receiver in use: JRC NRD-535 + PAR End-Fed Z EF-SWL, which works very well in this frequency range.

Please QSL. Many thanks for the program. I’m sorry that I missed your Doors presentation earlier.

Edward Insinger


2200 UTC 2/27/11

Sign On heavy static crashes, 7db signal but poor readability 222 into East Tennessee. we have been experiencing thunder storms all afternoon.

2219 Let the Sunshine In
2225 Donner Family Recipes
2228 Love the One Your With
2231 Hair
2241 Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
2248 Brown Eyed Girl

Fading in & out, still heavy static

Dwight Ramsey


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