October 8, 2011

'Malicious Website Blocked'. Is Norton on to Pat Murphy?

"This is a known malicious web site.  It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site..."

Yeah, this really happened when I tried to visit the PM page a while back.  (I now have no idea why, I can't recall the reason they gave)

But, the irony there was just so darned thick, I had to screencap it!

Now I have given the matter some thought, and have come to this conclusion:

It appears that the Norton people must know Pat personally...

(Yes, our publishing backlog is getting high.  MUCH More is coming, but a little humor is all we have time for today...)


  1. 'Malicious'? yep, that's Pat all rite!

  2. Oh, lawlz! Recently I've been getting similar warning messages when using some proxies to read the FRN or CB's WBNY blog. Probably just a glitch. Although webmasters can install utilities to thwart some proxies. Their house, their rules.

    A few years ago Google would occasionally flag the FRN as a "dangerous" site, along with some ominous links to the FCC.

    The interbutt is made up of 99.99% fnord.


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