October 23, 2011

Have It Your Way, Commander 'Pat-the-Bunny' Murphy! ~~ And other open letters to Jerry the Mad Rabbit

"Pat!!-- Stop 'holding the pickles' !"

Pirate Radio News & Commentary
By John Poet

Well, Commander "Pat the Bunny" Murphy has been blogging it up in a rabid keyboard-pounding frenzy of late; outing the identities of current or former pirate radio operators and their locations repeatedly, in case we missed it the fifth or ninth or twenty-ninth time; making accusations of pseudonymity  (look it up, Pat-- I know that's a big word for you) against multiple DXers in his frantic attempts to discover the real identity of 'Guise Faux' of the Radio Paranoia blog; and now busy with his online stalking of yet another female DXer.  "Way to go, Patty-cakes!"  That seems like an excellent method of enticing more women into the hobby, you romantic charmer, you! 

About all I was able to decipher out of one of his recent incoherent, malevolent mouth-foaming tirades, is that he now has a new job at the Newport News Burger King!  "Have it your way, Pat!"  I guess the public contact is useful to him, as he can now easily distribute large numbers of unsolicited WBNY QSL packages without driving all the way to Lansing, Michigan to post them.  

Congratulations on your new job, Pat! It's certainly a step forward in honesty, as opposed to that phony radio consulting business you used to claim to run.  I guess "Sugar-Mama" demanded that you go out and get a real job, instead of constantly sponging money off of her?  You do look pretty spiffy in that nice, clean 'monkey-suit'!  

I recommend grilling the rabbit, folks--- as the sign says, "it's not too tough".

THANK YOU, Pat, for your incessant 'invocations' to my mother

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your repeated 'invocations' to my mother on your WBNY blog.

It was a very painful and difficult time, but she was fortunate to have loving family nearby at the time of her passing.  I'm glad I was able to be there at her side when she died.

I hope that, when your time comes, you are fortunate enough to have loving family at your side.

John Poet

P.S. It may quite possibly induce 'bad karma' upon the poster in question to "worry the dead" by repetitively speaking of the deceased, (not to mention being incredibly tasteless),  particularly in the disrespectful manner in which you have been doing for quite some time regarding my mother. As you've mentioned your belief in 'karma' numerous times, I am sure you'll want to avoid inducing bad karma upon yourself in the future. So, now that you know her status, I suggest that from now on, it might be wise for you to keep your filthy mouth off of her, lest you provoke the Great Karma Master Upstairs to drop a house on you.... or toss a lightning bolt into the 'ole Grenade! 

Offers of Employment Unnecessary, But Thanks Anyway, Pat!
I would also like to thank "Pat the Bunny" for his repeated statements of 'concern' for my employment status.  Commander Murphy, your concern is unnecessary.  Just because you have been unable to find any references to my employment on the internet, or because your 'online detective services' and 'background reports' which you have pulled on me have not been able to provide you with this information, does not mean that I lack gainful employment--   
What it means is, I have been quite careful regarding with whom I share this priviledged information-- so that it would not fall into the hands of an internet stalker such as yourself, or anyone else who might seek to misuse this information to further their own evil, twisted or capitalistic ends. (I'm sure the same applies to other people who seem to have taken the same sort of precautions... such as 'Corq'...) 
So, I do understand your frustration,  at being unable to buy the information that you want on me at any price, but you needn't worry further furry about me (and I'm quite sure the fact that I've never been arrested was a MAJOR disappointment for you!) 
I won't be joining you at Burger King any time soon, but thanks anyway!
Take it easy on those fat-burgers, and stop holding the 'pickles'-- if you know what I mean!
Here's some more free advice for you:
Still coming soon:  Commander Pat's Sockpuppet Confessions and MUCH more!
(I apologize to our readers that my blogging energies cannot seem to match the tireless keyboard-pounding efforts of the Bunny... but I'm not actually the one who is "desperate for web hits"!)


  1. "Excuse me, but Pat..Pat is it? I ordered my burgers plain! And why are there white socks on your hand? Do you have some kind of problem? Why do keep looking at them and saying to them "Beans", "Commander Bunny",every time I mess up an order, it's your fault! And not everyone wants lettuce on their burgers, you moron!!"

  2. Of all the errant knavery to which the Lagomurph has stooped, this was one up with which we shall not put!

    Participating, along with Kracker, in cyber-stalking and attempting to harass, bully and intimidate women like the well respected shortwave enthusiast Gayle Van Horn, and corq - neither of whom has ever done anything other than to log reception reports online - are among the most vile, loathsome and cowardly tactics to which the bunnyman and his goons have stooped.

    Pat, ask yourself again why Monitoring Times dumped George Zeller's column. Why would any traditional radio hobbyist magazine want to be associated with the shortwave pirate radio scene, at least in the U.S. under Murphy's egomaniacal influence?

  3. FWIW, I remain unintimidated; the dx scene has been a part of my life since I was 19; the FRN is widely known to have been a boilerplate of heresy and controversy over the years, and I strongly thought new FRN management might change things. However this is sadly, not the case.

    Thankfully folks like John Poet and Chris Smols provide a healthier less-aggro environment for hobbyists, and this gives the hobby some chance at surviving.

    I deeply appreciate the support, fellas, and I would never mistake a few bad apples as representative of the hobby, and I hope others new to the hobby won't be put off.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. In a move carefully calculated to alienate every last shortwave radio listener in a way that only a crafty radio veteran who'd finally gone batshit insane could dream of, Commander Bunny announced he's changing the format of pirate radio station WBNY from mildly misanthropic to full blown misogynistic.

    Pat Murphy aka Commander Bunny, the online stalker

  5. That ends the dollar double cheese burgers for me!

  6. great blog poet, still got the QSL you sent me years back, drop dead commander bunny!!!


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