November 5, 2015

TCS Whack-A-Mole, Or, "It Ain't Me, Babe!"

FCC Enforcement Chief Envisions World with "no pirates on the airwaves".  (Sounds pretty damned boring there, Travis!)

“We need to think about when we take action that [the pirate] is actually off the air and things to prevent pirates ever getting on the air. We want to get to a world where there are no pirates on the airwaves,” said  FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc.

He likened fighting pirates to playing whack-a-mole, where the agency gets a pirate off the air and then he pops up again six months later.

We Think Your Plans Are A Tad Too Ambitious....

Let's face it:  You guys SUCK at this!  Perhaps this would be more your speed:

We'd Like To Dedicate This Song to Travis LeBlanc,
James Bridgewater, and the rest of you FCC Fascists!
* * * * * *
How About A New Plan?
Quit wasting time and money chasing radio pirates, and EMBRACE FREEDOM!


  1. Another blow against the F.C.C. (aka the Federal Corporate Compadres). These corporate lapdogs know who feed them their kibble and will continue to serve their big media masters accordingly.

  2. Actually I've been trying to get an FM initiative going to try and legally get allowed power at least 1 Watt or at least 500 mW into a rubber duck or inside antenna and maybe 100 mW into a die pole outside. There was some talk about allowing 87.7 and 87.9 as it was part of a proposal for white space devices. An idea that I have talked to Brian of Whole House FM Transmitter dot com was used in a proposal to the FCC. However these guys rather cozy up to the NAB while the NAB preaches about waiting for a window for LPFM. then they try and set that up for failure by their requirements which make it so only the Rich can get a license. They know good and well what they are doing. This is why we have to do what we do to get on air. However I'd like to see a bunch of us really come up with a good petition for more power on FM and open up 87.9 so its not a gray area. Its not hurting a thing.


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