December 9, 2012

Tax The Rich... an animated fairy tale; and the Ghost of Reagan Joins Forces with Obama!


(Narrated by Ed Asner)

Dr. Seuss lied.  The Grinch's heart is actually getting smaller all the time.

Even President Ronald Reagan thought that the rich shouldn't get away with paying lower tax rates than blue-collar workers...

If he were President today and said that, my guess is he'd get primaried by the TeaBaggers...

(Yeah, I know what I just called them)


  1. I think it's important to separate tax rates for capital gains vs dividends. For some reason everyone likes to lump them together, while they are actually two different animals.

    Dividends have already been taxed at the corporate tax level, so a lower tax rate makes some sense. Alternatively, allow dividends to not be taxed at all at the corporate rate, and then fully tax them at the individual rate, the same as wages. It's difficult to get more "fair' than that.

    It is also important to remember that dividend income is often a significant percentage of total income for those who are retired. So you're going to be hitting a lot of seniors if you increase dividend tax rates, something that is often glossed over.

    Capital gains, especially short term, probably deserve to be taxed as the same rate as income.

  2. Once again, when the Great Oligarch and Privileged party uses the tools of the State to protect their wealth and social rank, that is true class warfare!
    Using the laws of the land to keep down the working class, that is true class warfare!
    Questioning the rights of the bourgeoisie, in terms of them paying their fair share in this society, is not class warfare, only common sense!


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