October 24, 2012

Shortwave Listeners report reception of TCS Shortwave Relay Network from coast-to-coast in North America, and from Europe

By John Poet

Since the transformation of the pirate radio station 'The Crystal Ship', into a program broadcast by other widespread pirate radio operators known as the 'TCS Shortwave Relay Network', our coverage of the North American continent has greatly increased.  Listeners in the western United States and western Canada are now able to receive TCS Shortwave at much better signals than we were ever able to achieve when we were broadcasting from Michigan.  Part of that is due to the wide use of SSB transmissions, which are able to provide a better signal-to-noise ratio than AM.

We received many reception reports for our recent show "That Awful Seventies Station", received on a wide range of frequencies from 6.925 up to 18 mHz, and from listeners located from New York to Oregon to Italy. (I was surprised at the number of listeners able to hear the 18 mHz transmission.)  We replied with our TCS Shortwave Relay Network eQSL, in use since late 2011, shown below:

Following are a few of the reception reports recently received.  Names have been omitted:



Copied the TCS relay today on 18040 USB, relaying That awful 70's station. Had alot of fading but enjoyed what I was able to copy. Peaked at S5 here in Northern NY located on the St. Lawrence river and on the Ontario border.

 my RX station is a Icom IC756 Pro II and a 43 foot vertical antenna..  sorry for the bad format but my logging software crashed on me, and i usually use it to make out the reports for me..

1908Z: Hot child in the city
1911Z: My ding a ling
1915Z: TCS ID
1917Z: republican why i vote
1919Z: TCS relay network ID and you are listening to that aweful 70's station
1929Z:we had seasons in the sun
1932Z: The night chicago died
1936Z: Donner Pass Diner bit
1937Z: undercover angel
1940Z : Song unknown title
1947Z: fade unknown
1950Z: Saturday night
1952Z: kung fu fighting

 Enjoyed the show and music please send a QSL if able. thanks for being there


Hello Radio The Crystal Ship
I am ***** from Saronno Italy.
In the night of  30/9/2012  at 2118-2149 utc on 13780 usb KHZ  i listen Radio The Crystal Ship whit SINPO 23322
I listen program talk and musical, signal is slow bat i send record mp3
i used rx GRC 106-G4 and  antenna delta loop direct north west. In future i try again, ciao and many thanks.

Many greetings from Italy 73.


To Whom It May Concern:

QSL - Crystal Ship.  Details are as follows:

2 Oct 2012, 0215 UTC,
 6925 USB
 Playing "ABC 123 - Jackson 5," and "It's Magic - Pilot"
 Signal= 4-5

My QTH is Watertown, NY.

Will you kindly verify?  My contact information is as follows,
Thank you.


Reception report from - ******
***** - New  York
For - TCS Shortwave Relay Network - Somewhere

I would like to inform you of my reception of TCS Shortwave Ralay Network on the date - Oct-02-2012.

The time I heard your transmission was 0239 Utc. And you were broadcasting on 6.925 KHz. I had good reception on your signal. But at times there was some QSB fading. And also there was some QRN static on my end. Your SINPO report 4-3-3-3-3. Following is a list of the programming I was able to copy.

At 0239 Utc music song ? sounded like broadway music. Then at 0240 Utc you gave your ID - Shortwave Relay Network. Followed by at 0240 Utc Song - Seasons In The Sun. At 0248 Utc you went into a deep fade and I lost your signal. Next at 0247 Utc ID Shortwave Network. At 0248 Utc song ?, followed by song Having My Baby at 0251 Utc. Then at 0254 Utc ID The Crystal Ship, followed by the song Saturday Night at 0301 Utc. And at 0304 Utc song Kung fu Fighting.
The receiver being used at the time I heard your broadcast was a Icom R75, with a 80 ft longwire.

I hope you find this SWL report of help and good for Email Reply.  73  *****  / SWL


 I would like to report hearing the TCS Relay Network of The Crystal Ship.  The details follow:
Frequency:  6925 USB
 Date (UTC):  October 1, 2012
 Time (UTC):  0200 to 0232
Reception quality:  SINPO 44554. Strong signal with no fading.  There was a pesky intermittent utility transmission that would sometimes make the audio sound like someone gargling to the rhythm of a jackhammer.

 0200:  Parody of Soviet National Anthem
 0203:  ID
 0204:  "Ring My Bell"
 0206:  "Hey Sister, Soul Sister"
 0210:  "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
 0212:  ID along with Tarzan yell
 0213:  "Brand New Key"
 0215:  "Afternoon Delight"
 0218:  "I'm Hooked On A Feeling"
 0220:  Computer, er, Julianna Montana voice (any relation to Hanna?) giving email address for QSLs
 0222:  Parody ads for e-bestiality.com and a diner.
 0224:  ID, "That awful 70's station, also know as the Crystal Ship..."
 0225"  "ABC"
 0227:  "It's Magic"
 0230:  "Hot Child In The City"
 0232:  --- GONE ---

This transmission was heard in Salem, Oregon, USA on a Yaesu FRG-7700 receiver.  My antenna currently is a random wire  (I never bothered to measure the length).
 It was good to hear this show.  I used to hear The Crystal Ship back in the 1980s, but never bothered to get a QSL.
 Yeah, an e-QSL now would be nice.


My thanks to all of our listeners who managed to tune in, and especially for the many loggings posted on Free Radio Cafe and HF Underground, and the many reception reports received.

73s and FIGHT for FREE RADIO!

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