July 18, 2012

Pirate Radio "Pope Poet" Issues Edict!

From His Holiness,
"The Infallible Pope Poet of Pirate Radio"

In a recent blog rant obviously typed sometime after he went off his meds again, the whining, finger-pointing blogger most well-known as "Commander Bunny" (but also known as
"Pat Murphy", "Bill O. Rights", "Mike Graves", "Jerry Michael Graves", "Peckerwood Pat",
"Beans", "Mosby", "Thumper", "Lovemyradios", "Winston", "Bouncer", "Radio Bob".... uh, where was I?) 

Oh yeah, well, he was kind enough to declare me the new "Pope of Pirate Radio" (click to enlarge),  called me "infallible", and said I "could never be wrong". (I guess that includes when I said I suspected him of turning me in to the FCC).  Freudian slip there, "Commander"? I think so!

So anyway, I am happy to assume the mantle if only for the opportunity to take one action which would certainly prove most beneficial to the pirate radio community-at-large.Therefore as such, on the behalf of all members of The Church of Pirate Radio, and as the duly-selected Infallible Pope Poet of Pirate Radio, I am issuing this edict:

"Commander Bunny",
You Are Hereby Ex-Communicated!

Wait a minute!

Oh, drats! It looks like I'm too late  :-D

Rumors of my Retirement from Blogging Greatly Exaggerated

  No, I haven't "quit" blogging, I've just had other things to do....... 


  1. We'll try an experiment. Comments are instant for the time being. Please avoid the F-bombs or anything particularly grotesque... We reserve the right to remove anything that fails to amuse us :D

  2. Your Holiness:

    I am glad to see you have the blog up and running again. The Commander Snitch Bunny is not only a loser, but an excommunicated loser. Murph the Derp fails to grasp the concept, that one pirate rats out another pirate, we all lose.
    The Sock Puppetting Graves Digger's concept of victory reminds of the Black Knight in the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", who claims he is winning-despite being having all his limbs hacked off.
    Wait a second, the blogger who hates bloggers (i.e. The Murph the Derp) has the term "winning" mixed up with "whining". Well, the Snitch Puppet King has whining down to an art form. Okay, the self-hating excommunicated personality (personalities??) known as Murphy, Bunny, Mosby et.al., et.al, ad nauseam, wins (or is it whines?) there.

  3. The Lagomurph's latest WBNY blog blurt purports to expose yet another pirate operator by real name and location.

    Not to mention the continued harassment and slanders toward people who had nothing to do with any of Murphy's contrived grievances and delusional paranoia.

    Ragnar, I've tried to avoid pressuring you publicly about hosting the "Commander Bunny" blog and Pat Murphy's bio on your shortwavepirate.info domain, but at this point wouldn't it be more discrete to tell him to get his own domain and blog elsewhere online? You're giving the appearance of tacit approval to the continued harassment of innocent people. Remember last year when the Lagomurph used the WBNY blog hosted on your domain to harass and insult Gayle Van Horn, who had absolutely nothing to do with any of this foolishness?

  4. Jerry just can't accept the fact that the war is over and he lost. The rest of the pirate community has moved on, to HFU, FRC, and others. Even the FRN folks just wish he would dry up and blow away; he brings nothing to the hobby except spite and self-aggrandizement.

  5. Sorry to disagree with your hugbox.


  6. That's ok.... Nobody's perfect.

    Especially sycophants.

  7. ...and that differs from this blog? Hahaha

  8. Replies
    1. poor bastard is so out classed he doesn't even realize it.. You guys are so pathetic its hilarious, you fall for it every time.. I have never met so many gullible people in one place at one time in all my life.. thank you so much for the entertainment .. and faux if you need a fresh picture of me to publish let me know and i will accommodate, reason being I have no fear FOOL, wanna dance?

    2. this reminds me of a dog who returns to its own vomit..

  9. 'Out-classed'?


    Oh, that is FUNNY, Kracker!

    Tell us another joke like that!

    1. I am from Missouri man Show Me .. you havent done anything inventive or creative yet to impress me, why dont you try harder.. /me *yawns* you f00kin bore me son.. try harder

    2. Hard as it may be for your small mind to understand, I don't do anything from a desire to impress you....

      But, nice of you to drop in anyway.

  10. Kracker, why don't you tell us what we 'fell for'?
    Go ahead, explain to us how you guys are so much smarter than we are...

    1. your never gonna get it man thats ok.. be all you can, and that is not much i know, but do it anyway.. have a great life.
      best wishes be well, me

    2. Ah, just like I thought. Ya got NOTHING.

    3. keep scratching kid, so predictable, so you getting pissed off yet, i bet you are.. pmlol

    4. Nah, I'm pretty tolerant (or you'd be deleted).

      As long as you keep being a good boy...

    5. pmlol you HAVE to be kidding.. tolerant? really.. yeah thats rich. know something .. it dont matter.. as far as being good.. what a ruse

  11. You gotta admit, the alex brains blog is funny. It shows how ridiculous this whole stupid "pirate war" is.

  12. Wow, the Sock Puppet King now has his chief Meat Puppet doing his P.R.work. My, how the Geriatric have fallen... and can't get back up!

  13. I guess Kracker must've burned his weiner on the grill. His hands are free for a little keyboard nonsense again.

  14. Sounded like Kracker had his grenade going on that last comment, but it was rather down in the noise.

    At anon 11:40 pm:

    Funny to a fifth grader? Yeah, I'll buy that... but my humor has evolved beyond masterbation and a troubling pre-occupation with homosexuality. Some people haven't.

    I may start something similar. More people should get recognition for their efforts! Graphic artists operating behind the scenes, for example...

  15. Kracker wanted to fight me until he saw me. After that he was cool.

    My problem's not with Kracker,it's with CB. He's had a penchant for setting the authorities on his perceived enemies since the 90's from what I've been told. It's second hand,of course, but it comes from guys I've known for more than a decade and have no reason to doubt.

    Kracker and Ragnar have the right to be friends with whoever they want. If that's someone I think has stooped as low as anyone in this racket can go,that's their business. It's no skin off my nose.

    As far as CB goes,the evidence is clear that he did what Doc John said he did. It sucks,but that's how it is.

  16. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 26, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    Pigmeat,your magnanimous attitude is rare in today's world,more people should follow your example.

    Upon reading my poor deluded Cousin Jerry's blog posts for the day,it's obvious that he sees flaws in others that he and his friends have themselves?

    Kracker for example,has a long criminal record,much worse than the minor offenses of Mr. Vranes,but Jerry seems to overlook those?

    Jerry himself once had people tell an old girlfriend he died in Vietnam,something she believed from the late 1960's to just after the turn of this century. Why? Your guess is as good as mine,but a man capable of such an act of cruelty,is truly beyond the pale of human decency and should be shunned.

    I thank the owners of this blog,for the space to air these grievances. Poet,The Radical,and Guise Faux have done us all a great favor in shining a light on the corruption and double standards in this hobby.

    Taliaferro Greaves

    1. Interesting nugget, Taliaferro. I found this on the internet some time ago:

      Lost Love Finder
      Virginia Listings
      Arlington 1966

      Your Name: Jerry Michael Graves
      Date: Fall 1966
      You had a brother named William and a sister named Mary. Mary had a child die of Muscular Dystrophy or Sclorosis (I've forgotten over the years). You were in the Marine Corps and stationed in Okinawa. I moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We were lost to each other by a very horrible misunderstanding. I had been told that you had been killed in Vietnam and found out too years later that it wasn't true. By then it was too late. You liked Radio Broadcasting and dreamed of having you own one day. You had a setup in your Mom and Dad's basement. Reply to: 0102180302


  17. "Had a setup in your Mom and Dad's basement". LOL!!!! Ain't that rich!

    Hey Murph, tell the good folks how your Daddy got you that job at that one lunger,WEEL,when you screwed up out West?

    Murph got caught ratting out Doctor John a week ago and has been trying to spin his way out of it ever since on his two blogs. You can spin it all you want,Billo,but you showed your true colors with those emails,"Bobby Smith".

    The truth is out Pat,do us all a favor,take your low life ass out on the Bay Bridge and jump. No one in the hobby wants your sorry self around.

    I'm sorry I was ever associated with you.

    1. Anyone can fake an e-mail. You've been had by guy faux and his troll cabal. It must suck awfully bad for you, to allow yourself to actually believe what internet trolls spew on the internet. For shame.

    2. You're mistaking us for the guy who was caught red-handed creating fake emails. If our side did that, we'd have done it a year ago.

      You're just miffed because you spent years pledging allegiance to a sock drawer.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Sock puppet or meat puppet, which are you? All the Snitch Puppet King has given the free radio community lately is the urge to protect itself from the the fate of The Crystal Ship.
      When caught fist deep in the cotton, the Snitch Puppet King did what cowards do...letting the FCC take care of their business.
      As for crying and whining, have you read the Internet Personality's blog recently. Other than disclosing the names and addresses of free radio participants, all Howling Mad Murphy has done is cry, whine, finger point and proclaim himself a radio god.
      I find it sad, that when someone is confronted with the facts, instead of accepting their validity, they prefer to lie and deny--like Commander Murphy. Mosby, Lovemyradios, Bouncer, Thumper, etc. et.al. ad nauseum. Wait, that's all the same personality (or personalities?)
      I guess, I know what church you are going to this Sunday--the Church of the Holy Rodent, where the worship of Commander Bunny is encouraged and expected...or else!

  18. Taliaferro GreavesJuly 28, 2012 at 4:21 AM

    It's "Guise" and "foreshame" my semi-literate friend. (although "forshame" is accepted by some academics.)

    How can you be expected to be taken seriously if you can't spell?

  19. Anon@1:41am failed to keep it clean....

    Bad boy!

  20. It looks like that dumb bunny tried to out me again on his "Alex Brains" blog,just as he did on the WBNY blog last fall.

    He needs to quit playing with rope,he just keeps hanging himself.

    Don't trust him as far as you can throw him folks. I used to be his broadcasting partner. If he'll out me,he'll out anyone.

    Pigmeat Martin Originator of the Bunny Code

  21. BTW,I've got all my teeth,thank you very much. Keep 'em in an old cigar box.

  22. "our side" lol! there is no "side." you're a whining crybaby who trolls the internet. what have you done for the cause of free radio lately? you've whined all over the internet. you've contributed nothing. you've merely spammed message boards repeatedly with your whines. very sad, that all you can do is claim "oh the rodent turned me in to the dreaded fcc." besides that you have nothing left. no contributions to the greater cause. nothing. give up all this crying and whining. give the free radio community something back besides finger pointing and stupid whiny blog posts. show us some real free radio that doesn't cry about the bunny. c'mon, show us. i don't think you have it in you. i think you are washed up, and no better than the trolls you're in bed with.

    1. In a community rife with secrecy and anonymity, you should not presume that you know everything about me...

      My biggest contribution to pirate radio over the last year has been to loudly tell the truth about Pat-the-Bunny-Murphy which you are so desperately attempting to obscure. You call it "crying and whining," when in fact it is you and your ilk who are doing all the "crying and whining". Indeed, the Lago-Murph spent five months "crying and whining" while I was in-between blog posts and mostly silent.

      So, what has the Bunny "contributed" to pirate radio in that time, besides "crying and whining" about me--- other than publicly "outing" the identities of a good half-dozen pirate radio operators and/or listeners? Where can I read your protestations to him?? (Not on the WBNY blog, obviously-- since he won't allow commenting.)

      Thanks for cleaning up the language. Good dog!

  23. Keep spinnin' it,Murph.

    Ratted out anyone else besides Pigmeat,today?


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