September 29, 2011

Commander Murphy Bunny Advises Poet on Cyber-Bullying, Taking Absurdity To A Whole New Level!

From the Commander Bunny WBNY Blog:

'Cause talking shit in person is dangerous'?

Well, Commander Murphy...


You are, after all, THE EXPERT when it comes to 'talking shit' to people while hiding behind the internet!  Half the time, you're also hiding behind about half a hundred sock-puppets, as well!

And then, there's your COWARDLY refusal to take comments on your blog...

The list just goes on and on and on.... and why not quit repeating that lie about Artie Bigley turning us in-- you just look like a complete idiot, sticking to that lie that everyone now knows was completely manufactured by you...


Oh, BTW... a measly 100 watts is NOT "high power" to anyone who isn't using a flea-powered transmitter that no one but sock-puppets can hear anyway....

P.S. Kracker-- this is me, saying something.  'Can you hear me now?'


  1. Tell it, brother! TESTIFY!!! Praise the Fnord!

    Oh, by the way, comments aren't always closed on the bunnymorph's blog. At least once he replied to himself. 4 teh lulz

  2. So Commander Murphy is calling John Poet a cyber thug? I guess this is the latest round in the game I like to call Bunny Projection Bingo!
    Snitch? (check) Liar? (check) Keyboard Pounder? (check) Sock Puppeteer? (check) E-Thug? (check)
    BINGO!! I have the Bunny Projection Card Bingo...even without using the Free Space. So, what's my prize??

  3. In the above SSTV image, Notice the guy to the right of the foogly girl w/ shades is wearing a GG Allin shirt.


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