July 18, 2011

Commander Bunny Scurries Out of Hole, Squeals Like a Stuck Pig at Radio Paranoia Revelation

From Commander Bunny via Email:

"We've been falsely accused of sharing a mailing list with Kracker.


Shame I have to even send this email, but the website "Radio Paranoia" has been spreading lies and false information about me and its time to set the record straight.

Since the website has only 6 or 8 people who infest it, I felt it better to send an email to you directly. And I've found that if I don't counter the lies, they are taken as fact and spread amongst the "do-nothings" in the hobby, who want everyone to think they "know something" when they actually don't.

For whatever reason this guy "Guise Faux" who was also "Guy Fawkes" of KBOX (who I kindly relayed) has decided his role in pirate radio is start false rumors, and spread lies about pirate operators. His website had dropped off since he no longer had me as a target, so he decided his only hope was to start up some more false rumors, by dragging me into the Kracker controversy.

I have an Ebay Seller who has sold my t-shirts. SHE HAS NOT SHARED HER MAILING LIST WITH ANYONE.


If Kracker found out the true identity of someone, it was Krackers own doing, NOT MINE.


I don't understand why these newbies come onto the pirate scene and feel that they must make a name for themselves by telling outright, bold-faced lies about the pirate operators. I suppose they think, in their limited mental capacity, that they will be the "Big monkey on campus" if they circulate information about one of the most popular pirate operators in the history of Pirate Radio.

This low-IQ, slack-jawed, lip-drooling, ***hat, Guise Faux is a liar and is destroying pirate radio.

If he put half as much time and attention in producing shows, instead of spreading lies about pirate operators, he could be a respected member of the pirate community.

It is because of this jack*ss, that I no longer will relay anyone. Apparently relaying his station wasn't enough for this ***hole, he had to start an all out smear campaign full of lies and gossip against me.

Commander Bunny"

John Poet's emailed response:

"Frankly, I have every reason to believe it to be true.

Kracker drunkenly blurted out Fansome's personal information on the air, and stated that it came from the ebay sales. He bragged about having access to that info. You are the only one from whom he could have gotten that info (as the story later spread that Kracker's girlfriend was handling CB items turned out to be a total fabrication designed to cover your ass!)

As for "spreading lies about pirate operators," that was a hell of a smear job you did on 'Northern Relay Service'. His only 'crime' was to start a competing relay service, and making veiled accusations (via eQSLs) that you were using sockpuppets on the FRN to control it and bully people-- which turned out to be 100% true!

Your response was to make up BS about him being a NAMBLA member!

You've done more than anyone to drag North American pirate radio into the sewer-- so I'm not sure why you think you have any credibility left. If anyone has been "destroying pirate radio," it is YOU! Congratulations.

John Poet"

Guess I'll spare you the rest of the email exchange-- which "degraded from there"...

Regarding the Radio Paranoia blog-- well, he's done more to 'set the record straight' than CB will ever do-- and with humor, yet.


  1. Once again, the Commander attempts to rewrite history. This attempt to set the record straight by those in the know will only be meant with denials and threats by the cadre of the Great Rodent. After all, when the curtain is pulled back, we see not a wizard but a coward!

  2. @Anon

    OUCH! He hates being called a coward.
    Now Commander will run to Pat to have your comment removed--- oops, wrong website...

  3. Commander Bunny's e-mail gave me a chubby. But a manly chubby.

    I hope CB doesn't read "The Onion" or watch "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report." If he's so easily confused by our feeble efforts at satire and parody on Tales of Radio Paranoia, one can only imagine the rage caused by writers who actually know what they're doing.

  4. As badly as CB has behaved, kracker has managed to beat him in the race to the sewer every single time. You'd think that the FRN crowd would now finally realize the damage that kracker has done to the FRN and to the pirate radio hobby, and dump him.

  5. Hmmmm. As a fellow pirate of a number of years (read: at least 10 now on FM, SW and MW) I have one thing to say about this:

    There is no honor among thieves. Everyone here is participating in an illegal activity and yet bitching about someone else stepping on their toes. Wow. Just wow. Keep producing the shows and and keep doing what you do. When you let someone else dictate how you do that by being butthurt over their attempted slander/childish attention grabbing, then you are no better than they are.

    There is a delete button on every e-mail you receive. Use it if you don't want the BS that will surely come along with a reply.

  6. Thanks for telling the truth Poet. The same old lies that CB and his crew have been telling just keep coming. Most of us that have been around a number of years are finally tired of the old status quo. You have our gratitude.

  7. @anon 'There is no honor among thieves':

    My purpose in publishing this is to further enlighten the many who were not parties to a rather limited email list. But, you are right about the BS that is already coming.... I'm prepared to deal with all that, using whatever means may become necessary-- otherwise, I wouldn't speak up.

  8. My only question is "Where's the Bunny?" I should say "Which Name Is the Sockmaster General Going to Use Next?" After all, we know the personality known as Commander Bunny has had his hands in many socks and pulled many a string on his meat puppets to promote his "crescent freshness".
    The only time ol' CB ever reacts anymore is when someone puts out the truth and ,rather than admitting his errors, he project his sins on others. As far as I am concerned, the Commander's words are not worth a hill of beans!

  9. The fact is CB is only a part of a cancer that has existed in SW Free Radio for many years.

    It's very telling seeing which individuals who like poor magicians attempt sleight of hand deception tricks with their words and deeds in an attempt to make excuses or suggest doubt about the events that are now known by the public. It's the same crap that certain career politicians in Washington use every day. Just say something over and over and maybe it will trump the actual facts. Maybe people will believe it if one repeats something enough times. Or maybe people will just forget in time what happen.

    Until the remaining cancer is exposed to the public for what it is, the community will continue to suffer. The worst part of the cancer is JTA. And Zeller is no better. They will cover for each other and watch each other�s backs regardless of the unethical behavior perpetrated by their core individuals. They smile to your face, but watch out what happens behind your back!

    These individuals will continue to look the other way when wrongs are done by their friends just as they have countless times in the past.

    Their lack of ethics bonds their members in common cause simply by association. The result is that no matter what the collective group does as a result of its aggregate ignorance, loyalty to one another will always and forever outweigh any evil actions that may be undertaken. Simply put, for these individuals, truth by association trumps morality.

    Pirate operators should be wary! And be careful!

    Snakes cannot be trained!


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