May 27, 2011

The All-New 'Free Radio Cafe Forums' are Now Open!

Greetings, Shortwave & Pirate Radio operators, listeners, fans and friends!
I am extending my invitation to you to join a brand-new radio forum,
intended to cover north american and european pirate radio,
pirate QSLs, shortwave broadcasting,
FM and low-power broadcasting, utilities and technical topics,
and possibly more, The Free Radio Cafe forums!

I will be the administrator and primary moderator of the site.

I have had a few folks in already to help me test and tweak the site,
and now it is ready to roll! (My thanks to those who helped!)
Registration is open and automated. You won't have to be "sponsored",
"interviewed" or otherwise try to "justify" your desire to join
this site. Just click on the "Register" link near the top-right of the forum page.

Because of the huge number of "link spammers",  your first post won't appear until it has been approved by the admin.  After that, posts will appear immediately.  We regret that inconvenience, but there's no other way to deal with the spam situation.

As I am a long-time "amateur webmaster" elsewhere, this is something I have
long wanted to do-- but as a free radio broadcaster, 'security concerns'
made it more difficult to do anything about it. Special arrangements
have now made it possible.

The Free Radio Cafe forums run on the modern phpBB3 software system.
Posters have an array of easy push-button options to 'jazz up'
their posts; and you can easily embed YouTube videos, and send
private messages to other users whose preferences allow it.

Our domain home page is temporary; we hope to soon add other features
to help differentiate us from the other radio sites that are out there.
For now, the Free Radio Cafe forums are open!

So c'mon down and give us a look. Register, check out
the 'Cafe Lounge' and maybe make a post or two... and be sure to
post your pirate radio logs over the holiday weekend!

To all my many friends, I would deeply appreciate your support
of this new forum during this critical launch period. The oncoming
holiday weekend seemed like a good time to open. So I hope to
see you there!

Here's wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

John Poet, Admin
The Free Radio Cafe Forums


  1. I'm not sure whether congratulations or sympathies are in order. ;>

  2. Welcome to the jungle, Poet!


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